Without chukki rangoli for Dasara 5 pics

 1) Dasara rangoli designs simple

The rangoli above shows how we can use spirals to create small and easy designs.   The image below shows how we can use different motifs to get beautiful rangolis for Navaratri. 
2) Dasara rangoli designs simple with colours 
The next rangoli in the pic below demonstrates how by using one colour , pink we can get awesome rangoli for our festival decoration of Navratri golu or kolu as we call it. 
3) Navaratri rangoli beautiful pink design
The use of paisley like patterns is a common method of drawing kolam .  Some times we may run short of time of imagination.  Then we can start or create with common designs like , paisleys, flowers, leaves etc.  After all nature offers us all the patterns and designs and we do not have to worry about copyright issues :)
4) Simple without chukki rangoli for festival
Now this is really beautiful due to its simplicity,  I would say.  Since this is a blog I take the liberty of thinking aloud.  Observe how the use of short lines and dots enhances the beauty of an otherwise simple rangoli .  Paisley is also called mango motif in kolam.  My daughter says that the four small patters look like sting rays.   This proves that our imagination we draw from Mother Nature.  In art, we can only imitate nature but we cannot beat her.  As the popular saying goes - if you cannot beat them , join them.  This is 100 percent true in case of Nature. 
5) Best Dasara rangoli 
Dasara rangoli season lasts for nine days up to Maha Navami There is tradition of displaying dolls for these nine days.  If you are looking for some simple without chukki rangoli designs ,  I am sharing five of them.  All are unique in their own way.  When I started sharing rangoli images in 2012 I did not expect such a huge welcome for this traditional art.  It is the encouragement through emails and comments that has motivated me to share regularly even after 10 years. 

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