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Masala khichdi and kadhi recipe images

Khichdi ,kadhi easy to  understand step by step pictures A Maharastrian dish my sister in Nagpur prepares quite often.  It is very tasty and healthy too.  This is not the usual khichdi made with rava in Tamil Nadu.   We need , chopped onion, tomato, vegetable like potato, carrot , peas , beans It is prepared directly in a pressure cooker .  I add oil and a little ghee too Saute with mustard and  curry leaves Add onion pieces When onion is cooked , add tomato this ensures that the tomato is  not over cooked For one and half measures raw rice ,  I have taken quarter measure toor dhal and quarter measure moong dhal.  We can also prepare with half measure toor dhal  or half measure moong dhal Wash the  rice and dhals well Add the vegetables Add turmeric powder Add dhania powder ( coriander powder ) Add chilly powder .  If you want it hot , two chopped green chillies can be added Add the washed rice and dhal Mix well Add