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Chukki rangoli 9 to 5 with colours

This is a common rangoli called bitter gourd rangoli as the shapes  resemble bitter gourds (hagalakayi ). Draw for Dhanurmasam .  We usually draw a lot of chukki rangolis during this month.  I have shown step by step pictures for though it is a simple rangoli just is case some one may need it. What do you think, are so many pictures for steps necessary. Please offer your comments. Some viewers who watch my videos and reels state "something calm about your kolam"  "as a beginner I felt great after completing it " Probably one reason I can think of as to why my videos are liked is because though I have drawn hundreds of designs "manolayam - total absorption and concentration in the task done " is present in each video.  Colourful lines are sufficient , so that the white rangoli is not obfuscated  Also read Big collection of chukki rangoli designs Collection of 7 chukki rangoli designs

Vaikasi Visakam kolam

 F or a change the pics showing the steps in the reverse order :)  Invariably , Vaikasi Visakam falls on a Pournami like other festivals like Avani Avittam , Thai Poosam, Masi Magam etc.  Decorate this kolam with kavi or colours and beautify your house for the festival Simple without chukki rangoli design step by step  Pulli illatha kolam , white rangoli design few more images showing the steps