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My kolam for competition rangoli

My mother advised  us that a kolam drawn by a woman is a reflection of herself and asked us to get involved with religious fervour in drawing kolam.   The beauty of the kolam drawn by us should be measured by our love for the art and tradition and not only by the size and colours in the kolam.   So I draw  kolam  daily  at the entrance -  they are small and simple because what is the meaning of kolam - kolam means beauty in Tamil. I am asked how I am able to draw perfect geometric shapes including circles.  Frankly, I must admit that I may draw relatively perfect geometric shapes most of the times.   What I draw may not be perfectly perfect ! We are humans and not computers to draw perfect shapes.  Drawing with kolapodi using fingers when factored in makes it more difficult to draw perfect shapes.  So I would request to continue to practice so that we can become relatively perfect.  For those who find it difficult to draw circles with kolapodi there is the commonly used technique of u