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My kolam for competition rangoli

The kolam in the photo below I drew for Bhogi festival.  If you are looking for a simple design for competitions this 13 by 7 pattern should be ok .  Easy to draw, easy to add colours and beautiful too Double line kolam for competitions Kolam or rangoli competitions require special kolam designs.  Double line or double stroke kolam as it is called may be a suitable candidate for such events.   The pictures show the steps for drawing a simple kolam design.  While rangoli competitions need filling up of colours kolam competitions usually discourage filling the kolam with colours.  However filling double stroke kolam with colours is quite easy but gives the same or better effect when compared to a single line kolam with colours filled.  The advantage is that we can save some time.   The kolam shown is a relatively simple design.  We can expand the kolam with a number of repeated designs in concentric circles. Here I have drawn only two layers of designs around the star. 14 dots com