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Poojai arai kolangal

Idhaya kolam or thamarai kolam is drawn as shown in the image above.  Place five dots in eight directions. The first set of lines is shown on the top left of the image.   These kolams are drawn on Fridays in Pujai room only.  They can also be drawn for Tulasi maadam.   Decorate with kaavi   The first kolam is Aiswarya kolam or Iswarya kolam .   The image above shows the step by step procedure to draw the kolam.  The dot pattern is 7 dots at the centre, 8,7,6,3 on either side.  Many viewers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram ask me as to what kola podi I use because it has the good qualities of  both kolam powder and rice flour , where do I purchase , is it any special type of powder etc.  are some of the doubts in the viewers mind I purchase kola podi from the local vendor only.  In Tamil Nadu you can find street vendors on vehicles selling white rangoli powder It is also available in some shops in areas like Mylapore, West Mambalam and Triplicane.  Of course you can purchase online

Karthigai Deepam kolam rangoli

This kolam is a bit tricky , hence I have added more images.  Observe the images carefully, particularly for connecting the lines on four sides of the square.  Add neli lines ( neli literally means wriggle,  they are twisted lines usually drawn in pairs particularly for traditional rangoli ).  Add lamp designs on four sides of the kolam , place deepams .  Decorate with kavi . A simple n beautiful rangoli using lines Rangoli tip - I use white kola podi and rice flour in the ratio 3:1 i.e 3 parts kola podi and one part rice flour.  I sieve the kolam powder before mixing both thoroughly. One of the most awesome traditional line rangoli kolam designs Another step for this kolam with lines and angles  You can try this for Bhogi geethala muggulu  We may categorise this under chinna geethala muggulu also  Green glass bangles with gold bangles , my trade mark :) 

Karthigai Deepam rangoli kolam designs

A small n simple free hand rangoli for Karthigai Deepam festival decoration.  For a change a kolam  without dots and with colours too.  Of course , deepam or lamp is the theme . What Diwali is for many parts of India ,  Karthigai Deepam is for Tamil Nadu.  It is also a festival of lights.  Two days or rather evenings are celebrated.  First day is Bharani Deepam and the next day is Karthigai Deepam.  The tradition of  lighting lamps throughout the month is also followed in some families. Small rangoli without chukki ( Rangoli sans dots ) in a few steps  Simple deepa rangoli design without dots  I added this simple rangoli with deepam design.  The dot grid used is six to one dots Rangoli tip:  Dots can be used for decorating kolams , the smaller they are the more beautiful the kolam is.

Karthigai Deepam kolam simple

The dot pattern is 9 by 5.  Connect the dots with lines as shown in the second picture.  Add diya or deepam patterns .  Add kavi or colours .  Place diyas around the kolam  .  This chukki rangoli 9 by 5 can be used for festivals like Varamahalakshmi Pooja also  Either we can use diya patterns or convert them into lotuses to represent Goddess Lakshmi .  Stars and spirals are very much useful in creating muggulu This was created long back.  I do not make a note of the date on which it was drawn first.  As and when I feel that a particular design can be shared on social media , I do it. Chukkala muggulu using lines one more step  We can stop this 9 pulli kolam with the design  in the previous image also 

Karthigai Deepam kolam designs

Use 7 by 4 dots , draw the lines connecting the dots, draw lines between .  Add patterns in and around the kolam.  I have used lotuses.  We can use lamp designs also for Karthigai Deepam festival   When I start is appears very simple and the final image is totally different and is a pleasant surprise - this is the feedback from regular followers on Facbook, Instagram.  If you notice I have used 6 lotus patterns for 6 Faces of Lord Muruga.  Use of small dots and shading will make beautiful even a very simple rangoli as is evident from the final step of this rangoli.  Decorate with colour patterns outside.  Also the dots can be placed with rangoli colours.  The quality of the colours and white kola podi should be that they obey our command  The dot pattern is 7 by 4  Chukki rangoli 7 by 4 is ready 

Karthigai Deepam kolam with dots

Place 3 dots in eight directions.  Draw three lines of decreasing length as shown.  We can draw a bigger version of the kolam also.  The step by step images are self explanatory.  Draw diya or lamp patterns because like Diwali Karthigai Deepam is also a festival of  lights Chukki rangoli designs for Pooja room The size of the  rangoli design is  based on the number of lines and dots we use  This is a small kolam, I have shared bigger versions too The patterns at the top can be changed depending upon the festival.  For Karthigai Deepam I have added deepalu or deepa designs.  For Varalakshmi Pooja we can add lotus motifs.   If you are looking for deepa rangoli designs with dots , vilakku kolam with dots or diya rangoli designs for Diwali Lakshmi Pooja this tradtional kolam may be suitable.