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YouTube Silver button price less

What is the YouTube silver button price - it is price less for me ! Two years back I shared my experience in posting rangoli on YouTube.   As a recap ,  I am a traditional home maker from India .   After two decades as a home maker I wanted to do some thing, achieve something.  My husband gave me the idea of having a blog for rangoli and my son suggested that I upload rangoli videos on YouTube. I had my first email ( you read  it right , my first account in  2012  )  .  Using the account I started a blog and started posting rangoli.  Then I started posting some amateurish videos on YouTube with rangoli  or kolam as the theme.   In 2015 I received an email from YouTube asking me to share my mobile number because they wanted to discuss with me.   After checking that the email was actually from YouTube I mailed my number.   They were surprised that my Channel was becoming popular though only my hand was visible in my videos.  They were kind enough to invite me to the inauguration of Y

15-8 dots muggulu duck muggulu designs

There are many methods of drawing a rangoli with dots.  Free hand designs flow from our imagination and hence it is better to follow it to  create one.  Dot muggulu on the other hand can be drawn in several methods.  It is like solving a math problem.   There may be many methods but we must try to find the easiest method.   I try to share an easy method from my experience in drawing these designs for decades.  One more popular muggu drawn for festivals like Sankranti or New Year.   For such occasions we can fill the muggu with beautiful colours.    Even when I try  new muggulu design with dots intuitively I try to proceed with the easiest method.  The results are evident from the comments I get on YouTube and Facebook.   Don't to become tired, where from do you get so much energy my viewers ask.  Actually it is the feedback, doubts from the viewers of my videos that drives me and gives me energy to keep going despite my busy schedule as a home maker.    Mark the dots as s

8 by 8 dots rangoli 8-8 dots kolam

8 x 8 dots rangoli  A common rangoli with dots , such square dot patterns with 8 dots are not common in Tamil Nadu.  I would like to share some of the designs. This is slightly tricky, connecting the dots with straight lines,  the images should help make the steps easy for those who may need them. Always it is advisable to draw the easiest patterns first so that the remaining dots can be used to create the more complicated ones.  Accordingly four butterflies are drawn at the four corners. The first step of connecting the dots with straight lines. The next step connecting the dots with lines parallel to the first. This leaves two dots on four sides and four dots at the centre as in the picture above. Connect the four outer dots with curved lines. Butterfly like patterns can be replaced with floral designs also. 8 pulli sikku kolam | 8 dots sikku kolam The images show the steps to make the kolam easy to understand and draw.  Sikku kolam are like Math problems , they can

Butterfly kolam with dots step by step

Buttterfly kolam rangoli | 9 pulli 1 varisai  Four colourful butterflies in this kolam also called Pattampoochi kolam in Tamil , created by me  The images will give the step by step procedure.  If you are looking for a medium sized kolam for Pongal this may be suitable. Butterfly rangoli designs with colours steps through photos Yes, this is different , here "with colours " means directly drawn with rangoli colours.  I wanted to try a different type of kolam art and not filled with colours as we usually understand.  The rangoli colours I have are of excellent quality.  So it is possible to draw directly with colours  12 to 2 dots rangoli | 12 dot rangoli A suitable kolam for New Year ,medium sized design that can be filled with beautiful colours. I have stopped at the white rangoli step . First place two rows of 12 dots Then ten to two dots on either side Marking the edges of the wings on the butterfly wings by connecting the dots makes it easy f