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Saraswati Puja at home Pooja decoration

A plank called manai is cleaned well and a traditional kolam with lines and with kaavi border is drawn on both sides  At the centre we can draw a free hand rangoli or Puja room rangoli like Hridaya kamalam or Aishwarya kolam. A simple method of offering Puja at home to Goddess Saraswathi which is celebrated during Navarathri festival .  It is usually performed on the 9th day of the 9 day long festival. The next day on Vijayadasami day which is considered auspicious for beginning any new venture ,  children are asked to take the books from Puja and study for some time.     Prepare sandalwood paste, apply on the forehead of the Goddess followed by turmeric powder and kumkum, a traditional method of applying tilak or tilagam for decoration. Offer white flower garland to the Goddess,  I make the garland at home ,  we can also buy it from a flower vendor.  When we do it ourselves we get lot of mental satisfaction. White lotus flowers are offered,  I did not get whit

Shirdi Sai Baba songs Tamil video lyrics

Old Sai Baba photo (1940s ) in my parents place The lyrics are available in the video 👉  here  I have also added in the photo below The rough translation of the song is Sri Rama's Name is pleasant for the mind chanting of Sai Baba nama saves us.  He gives us all boons.  He destroys diseases, drives away evil and gives Poorna life.  He is like the mother.  He helps us when we are confused.  The more our bhakti the more He blesses. The next bhajan ,  the lyrics above and the video gives the tune.  The link of the video is 👉  here The translation is why should we worry when the Karunyamoorthy Sai is with us.  The bad effects of our karma are driven away by Him.  The mind is calm when we have Darshan of His Divine self.  He takes care of those who surrender to Him.  He blesses us with children and wealth.  Let us believe and offer ourselves to His Feet. My father was a great devotee of Sai Baba.  This photo is there in my parents house for more than 60 years.  Every Thursd

Learn kolam 21 dots step by step

  21 dots big kolam for Pongal kolam designs with dots | Sankranti rangoli designs with dots After placing the 21 by 11 dot idukku pulli or udu pulli dot grid .  Identify the six places where the pattern as shown in the first two images is to be drawn. Next image showing showing a step in this chukki rangoli big size                                                                    The distance between the dots decides the size of the dot grid.  So we can adjust depending upon the space available.  If we have more space we can place them far apart.  Then around the central pattern draw the connecting the dots as shown in the next four images Kola podi used by me is that usually available with the vendor, I answer this question in many posts because many readers and viewers have asked this question.  I add rice flour to kola podi and the ratio is for one part rice flour , 3 parts kola podi. chukki rangoli 21 to 11 , few more pictures for the steps it is a big chukki rang

Old temples in Chennai for Siva and Perumal

For those living in and around Chennai there are many old temple that are 500 to 1000 years old.  Some  are there for more than 1000 years.   Neela Varna Perumal temple , Nanmangalam Nanmangalam a suburb near Chennai has two such very old temples.  We went to Neela Varna Perumal temple situated on Elumalai Street .  It is a small temple .  The archaka  there was kind enough to explain about the temple.  He told  us that this temple is a Rahu Ketu Parihara Stalam .  The Lord is in the main  sanctum sanctorum.  Idols of Lord Anjaneya are on both sides of the wallsnear  outside the entrance to the sannidhi of  Perumal . A separate  sannidhi for Goddess Mahalakshmi  is there inside the temple as also for Chakrathalwar who represents Sudharshan Chakra held by Him.  The day we  went special Pooja preparations were being made for Lord Hanuman because it was Moola star.    It appears He is also famous in this area for granting boons for those who pray assiduously offering betel