Muggulu designs without chukkalu

Simple muggulu without dots for Sankranti


First start with a square as in padi kolam  ,The completed kolam with colours 


Draw floral designs on the four sides  and at the four corners.


Decorate the floral designs with borders as shown in the subsequent pictures


White muggu is shown in the image .  It is beautiful as it is


This is from a collection of Dhanurmasam muggulu I posted during 2012.  Now I have shared again with steps.  A very simple and easy muggu.  The white design is in the image above,  If we need colours the colourful muggu has also been shared.  We can try this for Sankranti 2019

Chukkalu leni kamalam muggulu

Lotus and rose are the flowers usually drawn in muggulu.  I have also used the hibiscus.  Lotus can be a part of our Friday or Varalakshmi Vratham muggu decoration.


Start with a square base.  This is one of the easiest methods to start in free hand muggulu .  Lotus designs are drawn on all four sides.  It will be nice if we draw all the lotus designs from one side .
The more patterns we add the richer the muggu becomes as is evident from the next few images.



If you are drawing for Friday or Varalakshmi Pooja decorate with a kavi border

Varalakshmi Vratham in Telugu videos

Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja vidhanam in Telugu videos 


The transcript of the video is

This year ( 2018 ) Varalakshmi Vratham will be celebrated on 24th of August 2018

It is best to celebrate it on this day.  For any reason we are not able to perform the Puja  , we can celebrate on any Friday of Sravan month.  or celebrate on a Navaratri Friday.

The previous day Puja room is cleaned and the pictures of all deities are cleaned.  We should apply sandalwood paste , turmeric powder and kumkum.

What we need for Puja

Betel leaf and areca nuts, fruits, coconut, small banana plants , thoranam , mango leaves

All types of flowers , particularly lotus and fragrant screw pine are very important.

Decoration of mantap is done by tying small banana plants on either side and also with toran.

Inside the mantap  I draw  Hridaya kamala muggu, Aishwarya muggu can also be drawn

On the muggu place a small banana leaf such that the tapering  side is on the right side of the kalasam.

Place rice on the leaf and above it place the decorated kalasam.

We can draw muggu around the mantap also

Mantapam is decorated with alternate lines of kaavi and limestone as in some temples

For kalasam we can use silver or brass vessel.  My Ammavari kalasam has Her Face etched on  it.  Since it is used in our family for a long time I follow the same tradtion.

Inside the kalash we can add rice or wheat . Some add water and turmeric powder. You can follow as per your tradition

I add wheat, gold, silver, badam and dried dates ( five each ) in the kalash

Then place five kewda flower petals and five mango leaves alternately in the kalash and then a coconut is placed inside.

Two kewda flower petals are  placed on two sides of the kalash

We can do alankara with some of our gold jewels also.

I also decorate  with a traditional cotton vastra.

Draw Ammavari Feet in the form of muggu from the entrance up to the Puja mantap.

Place the kalash at the entrance of the house on a plank which is decorated with a traditional line rangoli.  A rangoli is also drawn below it.

Place a vessel with rice . A piece of jaggery is placed on the top .  This is kept at the right corner of the doorway.

Perform aarti to Goddess ( in the form of Kalash ) and gently push the rice with the kalash.  Lakshmi raave maintiki while bringing Her inside.

Keep the kalash in the mantap and  perform the Puja . Naivedyam includes poli and kheer.

A thread dipped in turmeric paste with nine  knots is placed in Puja . A small piece of kewda petal is also tied.  After the Puja the thread  is tied to the right hand keeping betel leaf, nuts and fruit in  the hand.

After Puja is complete we pray to Goddess Lakshmi seeking Her blessings.

In the evening ,  give thamboolam to five married women.

The next day is Punar Pooja.  Perform Puja as usual .  Then move the kalash slightly to the right and keep Her in the rice container.

The coconut in the kalash is used to make kheer  or a sweet.

Varalakshmi Vratham | kalasam ela pettali


The transcript for the second video is 

Varamahalakshmi Pooja will be celebrated on 24th of August

Let us see how to prepare the kalash for Pooja

We can use brass or silver kalash

In our house Goddess Lakshmi's Face is etched on it.  Since it is used for decades I follow the tradition

For the kalash we use , clean it and apply limestone paste.

Mix sandalwood powder in rose water.

Then apply sandalwood paste and  kumkum we can also apply turmeric powder before kumkum

To the kalash add wheat or rice.

Then "nalla poosalu " gold, silver , badam and dried dates

I use fragrant screw pine and mango leaves , five each alternately.

Then place a  spherical  shaped coconut .  Apply turmeric paste .
Then apply kumkum between any two eyes and place the coconut among the leaves and petals

The kalash is ready and is placed in a wooden mantap.

Let us perform Varalakshmi Pooja and get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi

Simple manai kolam designs small n easy

Rangoli for Varamahalakshmi kalasha decoration

Lakshmi Devi in the form of kalasha is welcomed inside the house.  She is placed on a manai on plank.  We draw a rangoli on the plank , a traditional design with lines.  This type of kolam is also drawn for weddings and other auspicious functions


Draw straight lines at four corners

neli or wriggling lines is an important part of this type of kolam and is drawn on both sides where possible

Draw a simple free hand design at the centre after drawing the line patterns on both sides of the plank.  The words "Om Sri" are written at the top of the plank

It is a tradition to decorate with kaavi.  We get kaavi or ochre powder.  It is mixed in water to get a thin paste that can be applied as a border for the kolam.  When such kolam are drawn at the entrance of a house it indicates that there is an auspicious function inside the house.


The small and easy manai kolam after completion.

The images show the steps for the next kolam


Draw straight and curved lines on either side and then the neli ezhai.

After decorating both sides of the manai with these patterns the central pattern is filled with a simple free hand design and the auspicious words "Om Sri".  It is not in tradition to draw a sikku kolam for these type of kolangal.


Decorate with kaavi and complete the kolam



How to make artificial toran at home

How to make OHP sheet toran at home for Diwali

What we need

OHP sheet and butter paper
3D glitter
Glass colour
Fancy lace
Fabric glue
Craft trinkets ( pearl chain )

Note:  After using glass colours or 3D glitter or fabric glue allow 10 minutes to pass so that the toran element dries completely

Gold colour 3D glitter for veins and border so that they can be seen in contrast

Green glass colours for leaf

Fabric glue - the advantage is that it becomes transparent after drying

Craft items like pearl chain or stone stain for decoration

Make a cardboard template of a leaf

Place the leaf template on butter paper and mark outline of the leaf


Place the Over head projector sheet on butter paper.  Since it is transparent the outline is visible clearly .  Draw the outline of the leaf on the OHP sheet with 3D glitter.

Paste the pearl chain on the outline.  Cut excess chain after measuring

Fill the leaf with green colur

Draw the veins with 3D glitter.


Cut and remove the leaf from the OHP sheet

Paste the leaf on the fancy lace


Cut the excess lace after measuring the length of the thoranam required.  Paste the elements suitably at regular intervals as shown in the image below.

Varamahalakshmi festival decoration | Thoranam craft ideas | Navaratri golu decorations

This toran can be a fancy decoration for these festivals .  Also in countries like USA and  UK where we get real mango leaves but the price may be on  the higher side , so we can  make this mango leaf  thoranam to symbolically represent the decor.  Mango leaf thoranams are associated with auspicious occasions and  festivals

Saree golden lace simple craft ideas

Simple Varamahalakshmi festival decoration | Easy Navratri decoration 

Material needed

1.Saree lace designs ( the price of length of 9 metres approx is about Rs.1500 online for a lace with lot of embroidery work .  We can get in craft shops simple designs for a cost of Rs.60 per metre )
2.Fancy lace ( the price is Rs.6  per metre )
3.Kundan stones
4. Fabric glue

An easy garland for Varalakshmi idol.   The festival date for 2018 is 24th of August.


The image shows the items needed.


Roll the lace and arrange the flowers to decide the length of the garland required



Cut with a pair of scissors.  The number of flowers should be in odd numbers

Apply fabric glue on the rear side 9 fabric glue dries easily and is transparent after drying


Stick kundan stones


Take a golden lace and fold it as shown and apply glue at the bottom inside the fold


Before that measure the length of the fancy lace required it should be longer than the saree lace so that we can tie the garland

Place one flower at the bottom and stick it after applying glue


With red and green kundan stones the medallion of the garland is ready

Now apply glue on the  floral  patterns , stick kundan stones.  Apply glue on the lace

Stick the golden saree lace to the fancy lace so that there are equal number of flowers on either side

Tie the garland to Goddess Lakshmi - idol or kalasam with a staple  or pin

A very easy decoration for these festivals that can be made easily  Since there are various types of
designer laces, the options are many.

Simple poola jada designs- beautiful easy

Material required
fresh flowers
Canvas , kundan stones and trinkets ( to make the jewellery )
needle and thread

What I have made is for Varalakshmi Pooja 2018   This idea can also be used for 

 a Simple poola jadalu for wedding | seemantham | engagement


The advantage is that it is very light because we use dainty flowers and cardboard


Take dainty flowers like jasmine and tie them the traditional way but one one side only


Tie both ends of the string to get a circular shaped flower decoration


Cut the excess thread


Fold a card board as shown in the image below


Tie the flowers to the cardboard


Continue tying as shown in the picture below with floral decorations of decreasing diameter


For each flower complete by tying a knot at the back


Cut the excess cardboard to match the outer shape of the flowers

These simple jewelry can be made using circular canvas .  Kundan stones and other decorative trinkets are stuck as shown to get a circular shaped jewel.  Since the base is made with canvas it can be tied with a string and needle .  However if it is for a one time use it is better to stick because the string will be visible 

Tie or stick the jewels to the jada. Tie thread to the cardboard at two or three places.  This will help us tie to the flower decoration to the hair when we use it for marriage, baby showers etc. 

I have shared this idea for Ammavari decoration for Varalakshmi Vratham.  If you are using for functions make it longer to suit the length of the braid 


Another method is using fresh flowers instead of the jewelry.  I have used roses and dhavana 
as shown in the images below



Can also be a beautiful decoration for Navartri festival