Varalakshmi Vratham amman alangaram 2018

How to do Varalakshmi Amman Alangaram
A simple idea.  shown below using craft ideas made at home.  The crown made from old CD and kundan stones.  The necklace has been made from saree lace.
First draw a manai kolam on a plank , we can draw a kolam below it also
Place a silver or brass vessel and fill with rice or wheat.  We can also spread out some rice below the vessel.
Tie a readymade dress available in shops for Goddess Alankara.We can small and beautiful dresses
Place a coconut.  This picture is just a demonstration.  When we actually do it smear with turmeric powder paste and apply kumkum.

This Goddess Lakshmi Face my sister got it from Kolhapur Lakshmi temple.
I have decorated Her Face with ear rings, necklace nose ring , jewels on the crown.  I have also used a mangalsutra, applied kajal and kumkum (on the Forehead )
This is a crown I made with decorative stones available in craft shops using an old CD.
This garland is made from cotton and stones used are the same as in the crown
Goddess Lakshmi after decoration.

This is a kaasumalai or Laksmi Hara I made with material I purchased from craft shop.
So the options are many .  Once we make the Goddess idol with kalasam, coconut, Face and ready made dress we can decorate Her further as per our imagination by using craft items that are readily available in the market.

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