How to make artificial toran at home

How to make OHP sheet toran at home for Diwali
What we need

OHP sheet and butter paper
3D glitter
Glass colour
Fancy lace
Fabric glue
Craft trinkets ( pearl chain )

Note:  After using glass colours or 3D glitter or fabric glue allow 10 minutes to pass so that the toran element dries completely

This toran can be a fancy decoration for these festivals . Also in  USA and  UK where we get real mango leaves but the price may be on  the higher side ,  we can  make this mango leaf  thoranam to symbolically represent the d├ęcor. 

 Mango leaf thoranams are associated with auspicious occasions and  festivals


Gold colour 3D glitter for veins and border so that they can be seen in contrast

Green glass colours for leaf

Fabric glue - the advantage is that it becomes transparent after drying

Craft items like pearl chain or stone stain for decoration

Make a cardboard template of a leaf

Place the leaf template on butter paper and mark outline of the leaf


Place the Over head projector sheet on butter paper.  Since it is transparent the outline is visible clearly .  Draw the outline of the leaf on the OHP sheet with 3D glitter.

Paste the pearl chain on the outline.  Cut excess chain after measuring

Fill the leaf with green colur

Draw the veins with 3D glitter.


Cut and remove the leaf from the OHP sheet

Paste the leaf on the fancy lace


Cut the excess lace after measuring the length of the thoranam required.  Paste the elements suitably at regular intervals as shown in the image below.

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