Saree golden lace simple craft ideas

Simple Varamahalakshmi festival decoration | Easy Navratri decoration 
Material needed

1.Saree lace designs ( the price of length of 9 metres approx is about Rs.1500 online for a lace with lot of embroidery work .  We can get in craft shops simple designs for a cost of Rs.60 per metre )
2.Fancy lace ( the price is Rs.6  per metre )
3.Kundan stones
4. Fabric glue
An easy garland for Varalakshmi idol.   The festival date for 2018 is 24th of August.

The image shows the items needed.


Roll the lace and arrange the flowers to decide the length of the garland required



Cut with a pair of scissors.  The number of flowers should be in odd numbers

Apply fabric glue on the rear side 9 fabric glue dries easily and is transparent after drying


Stick kundan stones


Take a golden lace and fold it as shown and apply glue at the bottom inside the fold


Before that measure the length of the fancy lace required it should be longer than the saree lace so that we can tie the garland

Place one flower at the bottom and stick it after applying glue


With red and green kundan stones the medallion of the garland is ready

Now apply glue on the  floral  patterns , stick kundan stones.  Apply glue on the lace

Stick the golden saree lace to the fancy lace so that there are equal number of flowers on either side

Tie the garland to Goddess Lakshmi - idol or kalasam with a staple  or pin

A very easy decoration for these festivals that can be made easily  Since there are various types of
designer laces, the options are many.

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