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Uttana Dwadashi festival story and rangoli

 Utthana Dwadashi is celebrated in Karthika month on twelfth day after new moon ( shukla paksha dwadashi ). On this day Lord Vishnu married Tulsi Maa.  She is called Vrinda  It is believed that those who perform this Puja get Punya of kanya dhan. Story ( Katha ) Vrinda was the daughter of Jaladhar , a king.  He antagonised all Gods since he had a boon that he would be all powerful till Vrinda got married.  Lord Vishnu disguised Himself as her husband.  She became angry and turned him into Saligram .  He turned her into Tulsi plant.  Lord Vishnu was very impressed with Vrinda and promised to marry her every year on Karthik month shukla paksha dwadashi.  This festival is called Tulsi Vivah or Utthana Dwadasi . Try this traditional Puja room rangoli for the festival Place 4 dots in eight directions Tulasi Pooja rangoli design - the following images show the steps  Tulsi vivah rangoli with chukki - another step Decorate with kaavi colour as we usually due for auspicious occasions A simple

Rangoli for Diwali Lakshmi Puja

Traditional rangoli for Diwali decoration , also for Lakshmi Puja Place 4 dots in eight directions as shown in the picture below Decorate with kaavi and place lamps around the rangoli  

Diwali Laxmi Puja rangoli Lakshmi Pooja

  Draw this traditional rangoli for festival Puja .   Place 4 dots in 16 directions From the inner most dot draw lines outside dots as shown Using the inner most dots connect the edges of the lines Decorate with kaavi ( geru ).

Diwali big rangoli designs with colours

 The following step by step pics show how to draw a big and easy rangoli for the festival. The dot grid is 15 to 8 but the design is very simple. The images will be self explanatory Place diyas on all sides to enhance the beauty

Diwali easy rangoli step by step

  A simple rangoli sans dots , drawn in white for festival decoration  The step by step images should be self explanatory .  Add colours or kaavi 

Diwali simple rangoli designs for home

  Step by step pictures for a star based easy rangoli for the festival The images should be self explanatory.  Add colours or kaavi  I get lots of comments for my rangoli videos on social media.  Many of them move my heart and make feel very blessed 🙏🙏 Here is one of them  "Sudha Ma'am each and every kolam I see has something unique in it. You are indeed blessed with talent par excellence.  No words to express.  Just repeating the same token of appreciation is far too less.  There is something beyond that which cannot be expressed by words on by a gesture.  I think even those who have not interest or no idea of kolam will be inspired by your art. " I can only bow to God  🙏🙏 to give me strength and knowledge to continue sharing this simple art