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How to make rose petal garland step by step

 Rose petal garland DIY | Rose petal garland making We can tie both ends to form a garland  We need roses, long or medium size needle, thread and vaseline Apply vaseline on the needle,  this ensures that petals do not tear when we make the garland Remove all the petals gently, simultaneously  Choose petal of almost same size Insert a stalk to form the base and  to hold the flowers Fold the petals - first inward and then both edges outward Insert the folded petal in the needle Insert 8 petals at right angles to each other and one above the other Draw the set of 8 petals to the bottom Continue with the next set of petals After completing insert the  stalk of a rose to hold the flowers at the top ,  this is in addition to the stalk placed at the bottom Tie above the stalk to hold all the petals together Beautiful rose petal garland is ready for decoration