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17 to 9 dots rangoli 17-9 pulli kolangal

Diwali kolam designs with dots | 17 dots muggulu This kolam gives a beautiful 3D effect.  If we fill colours at the appropriate places it will give a more beautiful three dimensional effect.  I have added the lotus patterns to make the design more beautiful. The dot pattern is 17 to 9 idukku pulli or in between dots The image shows the first step , using the lines mark the positions of the patterns This gives a clearer view of how the rangoli proceeds Now connect the dots outside the intersecting  lines as shown Further pics show the dots and  lines connect to form a beautiful rangoli with 3D effect One more close up view of the rangoli The dots inside are connected with lines and lotus patterns are added further This post may have information on chukki rangoli big size , chukkala muggulu big , periya pulli kolangal.  Big rangoli designs are popular for Bhogi and Pongal festivals too 

Paruppu urundai kuzhambu Toor Dal kofta recipe

Toor dal kofta recipe | Side dish for rice  Most blog posts are on rangoli designs, festivals and festival related recipes.  Occasionally, I post recipes needed for our day to day menu.   Of course, some viewers on social media have also asked. This dish is called paruppu urundai kuzhambu.   I have translated (!) it in English to toor dal kofta for easy understanding.  A very tasty and healthy side dish for rice.  I think you may love it.  Have you tried it yet. Ingredients are - one measure toor dhal Two green chillies Dhania or coriander one table spoon Cumin or jeera one tea spoon Grind all ingredients in a mixer Add salt required for the dough only . Then knead well to get dough Divide the dough into two parts One part grind with coconut in a mixer Keep the paste ground with coconut aside Roll the other part into spherical shapes Apply oil on a idli plate Keep it in a pressure cooker with the dal kofta spheres and cook for

kodu kolam designs kodu kolangal

kodu potta kolam  This is a simple design I have tried with colourful lines based on a request from a viewer on YouTube.   She regularly gives her feedback on my videos.   She wanted some colourful designs with lines.  Traditionally as we may be aware these kolams are drawn with white lines only.  Many viewers on YouTube ask me how I create designs.  Usually after dinner ,  when I have spare time , I sit down with a note book and pen or pencil and try various patterns and some of them come out as videos.  There are still many that are yet to be converted into a video.   After dinner is the time for creating kolam or for stringing flowers for the next day Pujan listening to devotional songs.  We can draw directly with rangoli colours provided the quality is good , it should not be floury i.e should not be sticky I get  colour kola podi from Koradi near Nagpur, the best rangoli can be drawn with these colour podi Simple kodu kolam  A without chukki white rangoli with lines