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kodu potta kolam 

This is a simple design I have tried with colourful lines based on a request from a viewer on YouTube. 

 She regularly gives her feedback on my videos.  She wanted some colourful designs with lines. 

Traditionally as we may be aware these kolams are drawn with white lines only. 

Many viewers on YouTube ask me how I create designs.  Usually after dinner ,  when I have spare time , I sit down with a note book and pen or pencil and try various patterns and some of them come out as videos.

 There are still many that are yet to be converted into a video.  After dinner is the time for creating kolam or for stringing flowers for the next day Pujan listening to devotional songs. 

We can draw directly with rangoli colours provided the quality is good , it should not be floury i.e should not be sticky


I get  colour kola podi from Koradi near Nagpur, the best rangoli can be drawn with these colour podi
Simple kodu kolam 
A without chukki white rangoli with lines 
Some of these designs can be added to our collection for Dasara rangoli designs 
The traditional rangoli with lines called padi kolam in Tamil or geethala muggulu in Telugu is also called kodu kolam .  These designs are for those who would like to call them that way.  
The first kolam above is explained in a series of images.  The patterns are drawn using sets of four lines.  I have not added any extensions like flowers , spirals , dots that we usually decorate with after drawing the kodu kolangal.  
The next kolam again using the standard square pattern and stars.  Above the stars we have some free hand decoration to make it a fusion kolam with lines and patterns.
Very small kodu kolangal
For small Pooja room or as a simple kolam at the entrance .  This quick and easy rangoli with lines can be drawn.  The images show the steps.
A very small simple  padi kolam for beginners with two lines instead of the common 4 line rangoli
One more simple and small design in this category
The next pattern in this series a simple kodu kolam - i.e drawn with mainly straight lines .  This type of design is quite popular for dwara muggulu or our entrance muggu.

The picture after completion, simple and beautiful isn't it.  
Kodu kolam design
Also called geethala muggulu in Telugu , they are drawn for Sukravaram , Sankranti muggulu 
Long curved lines drawn without a break add to the attractiveness of the kolam art
The next design is a variation of the previous one as the pics will show .  The connection of the horizontal and vertical lines is made differently as also the patterns at the four corners.
One more idea for easy padi kolam for beginners
These traditional line kolangal can be drawn for Dasara | Dussehra also.  Here a simple design and very traditional with steps through photos.
Drawing neli lines ( wriggles ) are done for auspicious occasions
Paid kolam with simple lotus designs for Friday, a velli kizhamai kolam 
Two more kodu kolams for Deepavali and Karthigai Deepam
Both rangoli designs use the same theme i.e two sets of squares only the outer decorations have changed.  The deepa rangoli above can be drawn for Diwali.
If you are looking for Bhogi geethala muggulu ,  lines rangoli for Friday , rangoli using straight lines some of these kolangal should suit your purpose.

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