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How to make glass bangle garland

Bangle garland for God | Bangle garland for Amman | Easy method Bangle garlands are offered to Mariamman for Aadi Pooram festival .  This is a very popular festival in Tamil Nadu.  Aadi is Ashada month and Pooram is Purva Phalguni start.   So in this month and on the day this star occurs this festival is celebrated.  Many offer glass bangle garlands .  Some offer just bangles in as many pairs as they can. The bangles are then distributed to the devotees. Aadi Pooram 2018 date is 13th of August.  What I have shown in the images below is one of the simplest methods of making a "kannadi valayal " malai .  What we need are bangles and a fancy lace. Tie the lace to one of the bangles Keep the bangle as shown and place the next bangle below the first one. Take the lace through the portion where the bangles intersect and draw it through the bottom as shown.  This way the first bangle is held firml The next bangle is placed below the second, the

Koyambedu Sivan temple Perumal temple

Sri Vaikunta vasa Perumal temple with Kanakavalli Thayar  , Koyambedu  This board states that there is a neem tree between two vilva ( bilva ) trees in this temple.  Vilva leaves are sacred to Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi a rare combination.  Actually the trunks are so close that we cannot easily distinguish.  Only when we look above we can see the branches of the trees.  It is believed that this represents Lord Narayana at the wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess  Parvathi.  The board also gives information on how to perform Puja to the trees to obtain the blessings like marriage, Soubhagya.   Goddess Lakshmi here is Kanakavalli Thayar.  There are idols of Goddess Sita (  🙏🙏 ) and idols of Lava and Kusa. We went there in the evening and felt blessed because the priest offered us a pamphlet giving the importance  of various Ekadasi vrats !   He also informed the devotees that the temple is more than 1000 years old.  Lord Vaikunta Vasa Perumal sannidhi is divine. Lord Kuru

Gejje vastra for Varamahalakshmi

Varamahalakshmi festival  2018 will be celebrated on 24th of August Gejje vastra significance    It is a symbolic representation of new vastra or dress for God or Goddess The image shows the Yamuna kalasam for Varamahalakshmi Pooja decorated with gejje vastra The completed gejje vastra .  Two cotton spheres are made ,dipped in kumkum mixed in water.  They are stuck to the vastra, then used to stick the vastra to the Varalaxmi idol or kalash Purchase cotton from Puja shops this is workable and easy for us to stretch.  Cotton from pharmacies i.e surgical cotton is not workable as it is packed in layers  You may also want to know How to draw various designs of  Goddess Feet in rangoli    This cotton splits easily into two quite easily. Again split it to get  thin long cotton suitable for making the vastra.  The idea of offering this cotton garland decoration is that we imagine that we are offering a new dress to Goddess.  In some places in USA, UK  we may not get flowers

Iyengar padi kolam patterns steps thru images

  When I was young, after dinner , sat near our mother in the "drawing room" . This was the time to discuss, create and invent different types of kolam.   I have pleasant memories of those times.   Little did I know that I would use the knowledge gained from my mother, elder sisters after many decades to pass on the knowledge through social media like Blogger, Facebook and YouTube.   My husband advises my children,  don't neglect knowledge on any subject .   Store it in one corner of the mind.  You never know when you will find it useful  (  This part is a transliteration ).  How true.   Coming to these variety of kolangal they are very popular for Sri Jayanthi or Janmashtami particularly with wet arisi maavu     Padi kolam designs pics - beautiful traditional rangoli designs without chukki These type of padi kolam use curved lines instead of straight lines , the result a beautiful pattern emerges. It is a tradition to draw at least two lines either simultaneously o