Iyengar padi kolam patterns steps thru images

 When I was young, after dinner , sat near our mother in the "drawing room" . This was the time to discuss, create and invent different types of kolam. 

 I have pleasant memories of those times. 

 Little did I know that I would use the knowledge gained from my mother, elder sisters after many decades to pass on the knowledge through social media like Blogger, Facebook and YouTube. 

 My husband advises my children,  don't neglect knowledge on any subject . 

 Store it in one corner of the mind.  You never know when you will find it useful  (  This part is a transliteration ).  How true. 

 Coming to these variety of kolangal they are very popular for Sri Jayanthi or Janmashtami particularly with wet arisi maavu 

  Padi kolam designs pics - beautiful traditional rangoli designs without chukki
These type of padi kolam use curved lines instead of straight lines , the result a beautiful pattern emerges.
It is a tradition to draw at least two lines either simultaneously or separately
The next step in the rangoli , it expands outwards through curved lines

One more set of lines to make it a pair

The centre can be decorated with a lotus design


Again the rangoli expands outwards as shown in the next few photos
The position of the hand can be watched in the next two images to draw the pattern.  Though there are many ways to draw a pattern I have tried to follow a simple method to make it easy for those who want to learn.  For those who have knowledge of these patterns , they can be drawn with fewer steps



Spirals and dots decorate the outermost gaps .  As is the norm ,  these designs depend upon our imagination

These beautiful padi kolam can be drawn on Fridays and for Navratri
The next padi kolam for this Aadi masam kolangal is some what tricky and can be complicated for some.  Drawing kolam is a challenge to our dexterity and if we achieve some degree of dexterity it is with practice only there is no rocket science involved !  It is a common art drawn daily and all of us should  be able to do it with practice.





The more we practice , the more graceful we become as our confidence increases exponentially with regular practice, grace and near perfection follow automatically.  The curved lines in the kolam above are beautiful to look and it is a pleasure to draw them too.  Please try !
The next kolam through step by step images is based on the theme but is not a traditional kolam.
Using the central curved designs I have added some free hand patterns.  A simple and beautiful rangoli for New Year , Varalakshmi Vratham .
Beautiful Geethala muggulu designs of Tamil Nadu




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