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Pinnal kolam designs for daily kolangal

Pinnal kolam images for Margazhi | Pongal  First kolam  with 7 to 1 dots This kolam is quite small and easy and in a couple of steps in the images below This is a beautiful kolam that can be drawn with 5,7,9,11 dots etc.  The bigger the dot pattern the concentration required is more. Here the dot pattern is 5 dots - 3 rows, 4,3,2,1 If rangoli colours are of good quality ( should not be floury ) we can draw the lines directly , to try something unique This kolam has a combination of two fractals.  In the first image we can see the first fractal being used.  The dot pattern is 9 to 1 I get my rangoli colours from Koradi near Nagpur.  Another beautiful kolam . A non standard dot grid is used .  The dot pattern is 9 dots 4 rows then 4 dots - 2 rows then 2 dots one row Add colours and free hand patterns to enhance the beauty This is not a classical pinnal kolam,  a design I created .  The principle is the same, - lines around the dot grid. which is 7 by

Oodu pulli kolam 7-4 dots rangoli

7 to 4 dots rangoli kolam for daily purpose  T his collection of pulli kolam simple ,  one more set of simple kolam designs for your reference.  I have sharing hundreds of designs to facilitate drawing kolam daily early in the morning. Every day for many of us drawing kolam is like performing Pooja.  When we bend down to create one for the day sometimes we may not be able create instantaneously due to other distractions or duties but are not willing to settle for some random design that may occur in our minds.  Hence I am sharing lots of designs so as to make creating simple kolam art easy. Most of them are created by me except common kolam. Steps for this simple birds kolam with dots  The result is a simple and beautiful kolam .  We can also draw it for Navarathri golu , Deepavali or New Year. 7-4 dots vilakku kolam  for entrance of house For those who are looking for deepa chukki rangoli here are the steps for an easy pattern. There is a tradition of drawing sma

Kutty padi kolam Small padi kolangal

Small easy padi kolam R elatively small kolam become awesome with  addition of so many motifs, fractals , dots make it appear grand . Try for any day of Dussehra or for Vijaya Dasami , this design may symbolically represent victory also.    A simple and cute padi kolam I drew for Varalakshmi Vratham 2020.  If you need to know the steps for this design go to  this link  to watch it on YouTube Simple small padi kolam  Padi kolam with lotus patterns makes it suitable to be drawn as a Friday rangoli because   Lotus is associated with Goddess Lakshmi  Cute padi kolam One more simple and small design with lotus patterns ,  again the lotus patterns make it suitable for Vellikizhamai or Navratri Vellikizhamai kolam  Simple padi kolam for Tuesday The image above, an idea how to get a simple yet grand padi kolam for Tuesday ( Sevvaikizhami padi kolam . It is quite simple only getting acceptable level of symmetry comes with practice.  For those who would like to learn d