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Avani Avittam simple kolam

Few small kolam designs for Avani Avittam festival.  Decorate with kaavi border .  The images above give us some ideas for  ( festival ) decoration with kolam.   If my memory serves me right all the 5 designs have been created by me.  All are based on line rangoli designs .  One is a very traditional padi kolam The first rangoli with lotus patterns can be drawn as a simple without chukki rangoli for Varamahalakshmi Pooja. Now , this white kolam is also classy , simple yet unique.  The steps , I have shared elsewhere on Rangolisansdots  A very traditional padi kolam ( rangoli with lines without chukki are called so ).  We can also draw it for Dasara kolu This is based on Krishnan Dindu ( bolster used by Lord Krishna to rest on )