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Best color rangoli powder for Diwali

This is a picture of rangoli colours packed by my sister in Nagpur . There have been many queries as to where I get the colour rangoli powder for my colourful rangoli designs I make for Diwali and New Year. So I wanted to share this , when I shared in on my Facebook Page - Rangolisansdots many viewers wanted to know the price and wanted for them also.   I was overwhelmed .    Actually my sister purchases these colours from a place called Koradi outside Nagpur , it is 16 km from the city ,  I understand. When she goes to the Mahalakshmi temple , she purchases rangoli colours for our relatives.   She brings them home and dries the colours in shade.  Then packs them in small packets and distributes among our relatives.  Some she keeps for herself also. As I have written earlier she is my guru for kolam .  Of course for all of us, our mother is the first guru.   She usually sends it by courier or brings along with her when she comes to my place.  Since it is gift,  I have not