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How to make rava pongal

Take one measure  rava and half  measure moong dhal Dry roast the moong dhal in a shallow vessel till the raw flavour disappears. We can prepare without dry roasting also Cook the moong dhal separately in water boiled in vessel.  If we cook in a pressure cooker the dhal particles may stick and may not be discrete. Close it with a lid and allow it to get cooked.  We can know that it is cooked when a dhal particle breaks into to when we press it with our finger nail.  Add salt required for the dhal Take ghee in a shallow vessel.  We can use oil also but it tastes good with ghee. Add the ingredients, pepper, cumin seeds, small ginger pieces, asafoetida cashew nuts and curry leaves to the hot ghee. Add about three measures of water for one measure rava and let it boil.  Add salt as per your taste and requirement. When the water boils add the rava , constantly stirring with a ladle as we do for upma or uppitu. This ensures that no raw rava particles are l

rangoli designs only photos

For Margali 2017 a traditional double line kolam I drew on the first day. This is the second kolam for Margazhi or Dhanurmasam The rangoli for the next day - small and simple free hand rangoli ( or Rangoli sans dots !) This is a small free hand rangoli I drew for my YouTube video Double stroke rangoli with lamps for Karthigai Deepam decoration .  Karthigai is similar  to Diwali festival in festivities. This is a traditional and small padi kolam ( rangoli with lines ) drawn at the entrance.  Kavi or ochre decoration is used for Fridays and festivals One more kolam - it is a month long kolam festival during Dhanurmasam.  This is a variation of the traditional padi kolam This is a 15 to 1 dot lotus kolam , big rangoli and simple too | 15 chukki rangoli design This a traditional rangoli I drew during Dhanurmasam 2017 - 2018 For the season ,  a double stroke or double line kolam on a Margali Friday . Next a simple free hand ran