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Bagyada Lakshmi Baramma in Tamil lyrics English meaning

A very popular and revered song of Sage Purandaradasa .  I have shared the song as I have learnt from my mother.  I have tried my best but my knowledge of Kannada, Tamil and English are the constraints.  If still this post is useful I will feel blessed. We can sing on Friday ( Sukravar ) or Navratri Friday or Varalakshmi Nombu There is  video from my YouTube channel Rangolisansdots - the song sung by my friend.  The link for the video is  here   if you want to know the tune. Friday Pooja songs | Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja songs  Bagyada Lakshmi Baramma song lyrics in Tamil  Meanings in English | English translation Please enter ,  You give  happiness , Lakshmi please enter  Our Mother , You give  Supreme Happiness , please enter  When you take one step at a time Your anklets jingle When the pious and saints perform Puja You appear like ghee from buttermilk Please enter ,  You give  happiness , Lakshmi please enter  Our Mother , You give  Supreme Happiness , please enter 

Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja step by step

Cotton garland for Ganpati |  Cotton mala for Ganpati  The traditional method of making a cotton garland is shown in the pictures below.  A 21 ball cotton garland is made .  The edges and the gaps between are smeared with turmeric powder mixed in water. Two pieces of cotton are soaked in turmeric powder mixed in water and stuck to the two edges of the mala.  These help to stick the garland to the photo or idol of Lord Ganesha Ganesh Chaturthi | Pillaiyar Chaturthi | Ganesh Chavithi | in simple steps through images According to our family tradition, we purchase a clay idol every year. Decorate the Puja room with a rangoli Decorate the Puja Mantap where the idol is to be placed with Hridaya Kamalam or Aishwarya Kolam add a kaavi border. Place a banana leaf with rice on it Place idol of Ganesha decorate with flowers, sacred thread and cotton vastra Apply chandan, haldi and kumkum on forehead Place a coconut to the right of Lord Ganesha

Pooja songs in Tamil prayer songs

Navratri Pooja songs | Friday Pooja songs in Tamil Abhirami Padhigam lyrics in Tamil I share some of the stanzas I sing with English translation ( done with  limited knowledge of Tamil and English ).  I hope it is useful.  I have shared the lyrics as I sing them so the meter may not as per the original composition Prayer for good family life in Tamil சகல செல்வங்களும் தரும் G iver of all wealth இமயகிரி ராஜ தனையை  Daughter of King ( of ) Himalayas மாதேவி  great Goddess நின்னை சத்தியமாய் நித்தம் steadfastly and  daily உள்ளத்தில் துதிக்கும் worshiping  உத்தமருக்கு  devotees ,   மிகவும் இரங்கி அகிலமதில் with compassion,  in this world  நோயின்மை Perfect health கல்வி education தனம் Wealth தான்யம் Food  அழகு beauty புகழ் fame பெருமை greatness இளமை youth அறிவு wisdom சந்தானம் children வலி strength துணிவு bravery வாழ்நாள் longevity வெற்றி  success ஆகு நல்லூழ் good destiny நுகர்ச்சி pleasant experiences ( in life ) தொகைத்தரும் பதினாறு பேறும் தந்தருளி நீ  சுகானந்த வாழ

How to clean silver pooja items at home

How to clean silver pooja vessels | pooja utensils  Poojai saman cleaning  Tamil Preparation for Varalakshmi Vratham | Vellikizhamai Pooja The pictures give the steps to clean the pooja utensils.   Take dish washing powder and detergent ( I usually have them in separate containers for Puja items alone ) Take coconut fibre , it should be soft Use hot water for oily lamps Brush the vessels with the mixture of detergent and dish washing powder Wash with cold water Clean with a soft cloth I find that using this method the silver vessels stay bright for a long time - two to three weeks This post may also answer the following questions in Kannada and Telugu Maneyalli beḷḷiya pooja vastugaḷannu svacchagoḷisalu hege Iṇṭlō veṇḍi pūja vastuvulanu ela subhraṁ cheyali 

Rasa podi to rasam - Sudha Balaji recipes

Rasa podi - traditional method of mine Usually I prepare fresh rasam powder for festivals like Navratri , Varalakshmi Vratham  Rasam powder can be prepared in many ways.  How I prepare following the traditional method of our family .  With the use of curry leaves, cumin seeds , pepper etc. we are assured of the benefits of these spices. Dhania - 1 measure Red chillies - 1 measure  Pepper - 1/4 measure Cumin seeds 1/8 measure Gram dhal - 1 table spoon Toor dhal - 1 table spoon Asafoetida - one pinch Curry leaves - few. All the ingredients should be dry roasted separately .  Red chillies are roasted with little oil.  After dry roasting transfer them to a plate or vessel.  Allow the mixture to cool and then dry grind in a mixer. Rasa podi is ready.   Store in an air tight container. Another simpler method of preparing rasam powder is shown below Rasam powder or rasa podi Rasam podi can be prepared in many methods .  I have shared the method I usually f