9 by 9 dots rangoli step by step pics

9 dots rangoli-1a.png

The advantage of this kolam is that it is created with straight line.  Only when there are curved lines we need more practice and supple wrists.  For example flower designs like the lotus.  This can be easily drawn by us all.

9 dots rangoli-1ab.png

The pictures show the steps to make it easy to understand
9 dots rangoli-1ad.png

9 dots rangoli-1ae.png

Unlike most dot rangoli here in some places we extend the line beyond the dot grid
9 dots rangoli-1ag.png

9 dots rangoli-1ai.png

The dots remaining at the edges can be converted into flower designs with a tooth pick or match stick.  If we want to use a cotton bud we need to have bigger bullets of rangoli powder as the edge of the cotton bud is thicker than a tooth pick. 

9 dots rangoli-1aj.png

One more view of the fourth side being connected with dots

9 dots rangoli-1ar.png

Though we use only straight lines we can get confused ,  that is why I have added lots of pictures.
In the photo below we can see that I missed in one of the places ,  this happens if we lose our concentration even a little bit !

9 dots rangoli-1au.png

9 dots rangoli-1at.png

An excellent rangoli for Margali or Pongal particularly to add colours.  For those who are looking for a square dot rangoli for Diwali this will be simple  and suitable.

9 dots rangoli-1aw.png

Pasi paruppu laddu seivathu eppadi pics

Moong dhal ladoo | Pasi paruppu laddu | Pasi paruppu urundai for Diwali

  • Take required quantity of moong dhal , dry roast in a vessel till it turns golden brown in colour.
  • The raw smell of the dhal should be completely removed by the roasting.
  • Then make it into a fine powder with a mixer or blender.  We have what is called "machine" colloquially , in Indian cities and towns for making fine powder of grains.
  • Finely powdered sugar called bura sakkarai or sugar .  This can be powdered in our mixer.
  • For one measure moong dhal  flour , take three fourths measure of powdered sugar.
  • Add a little cardamom powder , fry cashew nuts broken into small pieces in ghee
  • Add both to the mixture of dhal flour and sugar powder.
  • All the ingredients should be mixed well for some time so that they blend well.
  • Then take two or three table  spoons of ghee , heat on a stove 
  • Add the liquid ghee  to the flour , sugar mixture in a circular path , all around
  • Then mix well again all the ingredients so that we get a dough like mixture .
  • Make spherical shapes out of the dough using the hands to get the laddu ready for serving.
  • This can be used as an evening snack for kids also.

Moong dhal ladoo step by step pictures ( பாசிப்பருப்பு லட்டு )








rangoli line drawing step by step images


These two images show the traditional Krishnan dindu as it is called



These lines merge beautifully at the top giving an altogether different effect.



Kamal patterns in the gaps



Flower patterns and spirals to complete the kolam



The images should be self explanatory.  The central pattern is called the Krishnan dindu or Lord Krishna's bolster.  After drawing this pattern draw the rhombus design on all four sides.  Connect them with set of 4 curved lines and then draw more curved lines in the gaps as shown in the pics.
These lines merge at the top giving a different effect to the kolam.  Add lotuses , spirals and flowers to complete the rongoli.