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chikku kolam poduvathu eppadi pics

9 dot sikku kolangal new | Neli kolam with 9 dots If you are asking Google in Tamil ! சிக்கு கோலம் போடுவது எப்படி  then this post may have some answers ! The step by step pictures below explain how to draw the 9 pulli sikku kolam . We can try for our Margazhi kolangal or as a daily kolam  These twists and turns remind some viewers of Thenguzhal a savory made for Diwali There are just four repeated patterns Then the remaining dots are used to complete  These are the best rangoli kolam we can try  Old is gold  Big chikku kolam with 10 dots The first few steps are easy Step by step photos It is tricky from this step , we have to carefully find our way around the dots ,  we have to really concentration if we want to succeed in these type of kolams A single continuous line around the dots , even if it is a curved line  adds more beauty to the rangoli Next nine dots chikku kolam Simple chikku kolam for 9 dots I have added many pics for

16 pulli Pongal kolam thru images

Beautiful rangoli kolam designs with dots for Sankranti or Pongal A very old and traditional kolam .   Really hats off to ladies of our country who could do such creative rangoli designs .  I am not surprised having seen the elder ladies in my family sit with us after dinner creating kolam designs. F ortunately there was not distraction in the form of television etc those days so time was utilised in such innovative ways.   Place 8 rows of 16 dots for this beautiful Pongal rangoli Then 8 dots 4 rows on either side to proceed with this kolam that can be drawn for Bhogi rangoli too Mark the centres as shown - to expand this design use it as a beautiful rangoli for Sankranthi Connect with lines , the next step,observe the pictures carefully After all sides are connected Next connect on all four sides for this 16 dots chukki rangoli 2nd side 3rd side Connect the edges to get smooth curved lines for one of the awesome rangoli designs with dots 

Rangoli kolam designs without dots steps

How awesome can a traditional rangoli get ! Images show the step by step procedure We can add colours for Dhanurmasam or Sankranti otherwise a simple kaavi filling here and there should enhance the attractiveness. Draw a square and parallel lines on all four sides.  Remove excess length if any Connect the lines with inclined lines.  The next few images show the steps.  It is not complicated and it follows a rule .  When seen on the image ,  the bottom right connects to the top left and the bottom left connects to the top right and so on.  Once the  puzzle with lines is complete add designs as shown in the pics The beauty of traditional kolam is the creativity.  It is amazing and awesome that our mothers and grandmothers could create so many designs ( this rangoli was created by me :) )  .  I remember , we sisters discussing with our mother , discussing the various patterns that could be created .  With a chalk piece we used to c