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Flowers for Ganesh Chaturthi

21 flowers are to offered to Lord Ganesha.  We can try to purchase as many as possible and available. I have given the names of some of the flowers that are easily available. Tamil names are given in brackets.  a) Jasmine ( Malli ) b) Oleander (Arali ) c) Night jasmine (parijatham ) d) Spanish Jasmine ( jathi malli ) e) Chrysanthemum (Sevanthi ) f) Arabian Jasmine ( Mullai ) g) Champak ( shenbagam ) h) Screw pine ( thazham poo ) i ) Calotropis( Erukkam poo ) j) Datura ( oomathai poo )  k) Spanish cherry flower ( maghizam ) l) Cassia fistula ( Konrai ) m) Orchid ( mandharai ) n) Thumbe ( Thumbai ) If there is any discrepancy in English names please let me know

10 years on social media sharing rangoli

 On 20th of August 2022 , I completed 10 years on social media .  I started sharing rangoli images on Blogger on 20th of August 2012.  My Instagram account - Rangoli sans dots also crossed one lakh followers in the same week.  Obviously it has been possible due to the support and motivation given my viewers.   Initially I started posting rangoli images on my kolam website.  Then I started posting videos on YouTube.  They became so popular that I was invited by YouTube to the inauguration of their first studio in Asia at Mumbai .  That was in 2015.  Then I started posting videos on my Facebook Page from 2016 .   Only recently i.e March 2022 I started posting rangoli reels on Instagram.  Many viewers ask why all my Pages are called Rangolisansdots though I post designs with dots also.  Initially I started with kolam without dots.  Once you name a Page on social media it is difficult to change  I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of affection and respect I receive from my followers on

Traditional Krishna Jayanthi kolam designs

 Try this different padi kolam for Sri Krishna Jayanthi  Decorate with kaavi or draw with wet rice flour for the festival

Small rangoli designs for home white kolam

 Small or big is a relative term, we can consider ( up to )  7 dots kolam as small  The first kolam shown in two steps uses 5 by 5 dot pattern This is a 7 by 7 dot rangoli The rangoli in the image below is drawn using  7 by 4 dots

Daily small space small rangoli designs

This kolam is shown in two steps .  Use  free hand designs to create small and awesome rangoli  This rangoli can be used as a border for the door way The dot pattern is 5 by 5  These rangoli can be used at the entrance of flats, apartments etc where there is restriction in space.  Though they are small , they are also intricate and will definitely attract the attention of all.   The peacock rangoli is small but a little tricky too.    Taking of space , we had a lot of space outside our homes .  The entrance of the house led to the road.  The road was a mud road .  It was difficult to draw on the mud road because the surface was not conducive for drawing kolam and particles would fly too.  That is the reason water mixed with cow dung was  sprinkled on the road .  This would bind the loose sand over a period of time .  It would also give a beautiful green and yellow background on which we could draw the white kolam !!. Obviously all houses did not have cows . Water used to wash rice was

Traditional kolam for Aadi Velli

I have added four  simple traditional rangoli with lines for Aadi Velli kolangal 2023 .  They are easy to draw yet beautiful  Using lines and some common patterns  we can create hundreds of patterns . Various combinations can be tried .  The best time to experiment with the floor as the canvas,  is  early in the morning with the melodious Venkatesa Suprabhatham by the great MS Subbulakshmi in the background   Step by step images for a padi kolam for the festival  Aadi month is auspicious in Tamil Nadu , particularly Tuesday, Friday and Sunday are considered auspicious.   Some of the important days are Aadi Krithigai, Pooram and Aadi Perukku.   So I have shared a traditional rangoli with lines that can be drawn for this month.  As usual decorate with kaavi to make it more beautiful.