Daily small space small rangoli designs

Talking of space , we had a lot of space outside our homes .  The entrance of the house led to the road.  The road was a mud road .  It was difficult to draw on the mud road because the surface was not conducive for drawing kolam and particles would fly too.  That is the reason water mixed with cow dung was  sprinkled on the road .  

This would bind the loose sand over a period of time . 

It would also give a beautiful green and yellow background on which we could draw the white kolam !!.

Obviously all houses did not have cows . Water used to wash rice was stored in houses that did not have cows .  It was bartered for cow dung !! .  The milk maid took the water and gave some cow dung to prepare the surface for kolam .  It was a simple but beautiful life 


This kolam is shown in two steps .  Use  free hand designs to create small and awesome rangoli .  An example for small nemali muggulu designs or navilu rangoli 


This rangoli can be used as a border for the door way


The dot pattern is 5 by 5 - a small chukki rangoli design



These rangoli can be used at the entrance of flats, apartments etc where there is restriction in space.  Though they are small , they are also intricate and will definitely attract the attention of all.  

The peacock rangoli is small but a little tricky too.   

If you are looking for without chukki rangoli designs you can try the peacock design or if you want a small pulli vacha kolam , the 5 pulli maavilai design should fit the bill.

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