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Lunch box recipes for office goers

Potato capsicum rice | aloo capsicum recipe  Take finely chopped onions, tomatoes chopped in small pieces , cooked potatoes , chopped green chillies , cashew nuts ( optional ) A masala is to be prepared for mixing with the potato capsicum rice. For this we need two table spoons coriander seeds or dhania , one table spoon gram dhal, red chillies We can add cinnamon and cloves also and that is optional.  They give a good flavour to the dish. All these are to be dry ground in a mixer after dry roasting ( with little oil ) in a vessel. This can be stored in an air tight container and used for many mixed rice recipes. Take oil in a vessel , when the oil is hot saute with mustard, urad dhal and curry leaves added in that order. Add onions and fry them.  It is preferable to use excess oil because the vegetables are to be mixed with cooked rice.  They will mix and blend easily if there is more oil Then add turmeric powder , say one tea spoon Then add the chopped tomatoes and

Complicated rangoli difficult kolam art

Some rangoli may appear simple but are difficult , some kolam may appear difficult but are actually simple.  While it said that there is Mathematics in kolam , my children say that sometimes kolam are similar to Mathematics problems - when you read a sum in the question paper but when you try you are stuck some where similarly some rangoli appear to be easy but when  we try we are not able proceed after a point.  .                                                          Lines kolam of this type give a different perspective to kolam but do not come under the classical kolam designs.  These kolam are patterns formed using number of horizontal and inclined lines that meet , intersect to form a design.                                 They try to follow me and sometimes miss the steps and are not able to follow after that.  These kolam below may appear easy but it is really a challenge to get it first time.  Why don't you try and give your feedback through the comments section

New Innovative rangoli designs with bangles

Diwali rangoli ideas | Fancy kolam designs for Pongal | Sankranti muggulu some different ideas Some tips , tricks and techniques that can be used for creating rangoli for school and college competitions when time is a premium but accuracy is important so that symmetry is achieved to a great extent - are given in the images above.  These ideas for rangoli designs feature how to use various circular and other objects available in our house to create rangoli designs.  Accordingly this gallery of rangoli designs with use bangles, old CDs and cotton buds to form the patterns.  The advantage of using cotton buds is that we can get thinner patterns when compared those we get when we use the index finger as we do in the traditional method. I will share more and more ideas in Rangolisansdots as and when I get them .  There is another post on how to create beautiful rangoli designs using old compact discs.  This method ensures that even beginners can draw beautiful rangoli without much experien