13 to 7 dots rangoli 13 7 muggulu design

 This rangoli is not as simple as it appears to be when we see the colourful photo .  It is slightly complicated.  

One of the most important aspects  to be noted in this rangoli design is the marking of the position where  the centre of the overlapping patterns are drawn. 
 If we miss that point ( seven such points are to be identified ) then the whole exercise will have  to be done again.   
A point to be noted is connecting the dots with curved lines .  This should be  done as  smoothly as  possible so that the effect  is beautiful.  This comes with practice. 

The line  should just go through the dots and we  should not  try to connect the dots

Complicated and  different rangoli can  be  drawn for Sankranti or  Pongal.  A rangoli suitable for New Year also.  Such designs will be our pride and  neighbours envy surely !.   

Place the 13 to 7 dot grid ( idukku pulli , as I have already said , idukku pulli or in between dots are suitable for drawing curved lines due to the position of the dots in the grid.

Start the first design from the 7th dot in the row with 13 dots.  This will be the centre  of the dot grid.                            

Another photo showing the progress of the pumpkin like pattern sometimes also called the parangikkai or parangipazham ( parangi is Tamil for foreign )


Now we can see that the first pattern has been completed


The next pattern on the left start in the same row of dots and from the 3rd dot from the left end .  This will ensure that the patterns just touch each other on one side


The patterns touching at a point on the side

Similarly on the right side , start from the 3rd dot from the end and the image shows the patterns touching each other


Draw the patterns , i.e the two designs on the bottom.  Again choose the location of the centre so that the patterns will touch on the side and on the top.  The finger is pointing to the dot . This will be in row with 9 dots.  It will be the 3rd dot from the end.



Similarly the designs on the top are also created  by connecting the dots



A beautiful kolam that can be drawn for all festivals including Navratri and Pongal

We can either fill the entire rangoli with colours or add colourful curved lines inside the designs.  Use bright colours  like pink and orange.  The quality of rangoli colours is also important to get smooth lines.  Sometimes it is noticed that rangoli colours do not flow properly leading to problems is filling.  We can not draw lines with such a type of rangoli powder.     

If your question is chukki rangoli designs 13 to 7 or pulli kolam poduvadhu eppadi ,  you may find this post useful.  Also why don't you try for Dhanteras or Bhai Dhooj , a beautiful tradtional rangoli with dots                               

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