Javvarisi payasam recipe in Tamil

Sabudana kheer | Javvarisi payasam for Gokulashtami and Navratri
The steps for making this kheer are given below.  If you like to view the video directly which is in Tamil  it is available after the description and images.

Traditionally what we we do is for any javvarisi ( sago ) recipe is that we soak it in water for a few hours allow it to absorb water and then proceed with the recipe.  This is a different method wherein we do not soak it in water. 

 This is particularly useful when we have to make a quick payasam instantly.  

The image below shows javvarisi and a mixture of almonds, cashews , pista powdered.  Actually this powder I mix in milk and give it to suhasinis who come for thamboolam for Varalakshmi Vratham or Navratri.
Take one measure of javvarisi and roast in a little ghee in a vessel called vanali in Tamil.  After some time the volume of the javvarisi spheres increases just as we get when we soak it in water.  Remove it and keep aside.
Take a little water in a vessel and heat it when the water reaches boiling point add the javvarisi and stir well .  When we are able to see transparent pieces we can be sure that the javvarisi is completely cooked as shown in the image below.
Now add milk and again heat stirring continuously.
Add sugar to the boiling ingredients.  Some use organic sugar or palm sugar also.  For one measure javvarisi one to one and half measure of sugar . Sugar should be added after the javvarisi is cooked .  If we add sugar before that , javvarisi will not get cooked completely.  It is a tricky customer in cooking !


This is the powder I referred to earlier.  It is mixture of dry fruits like pista, badam , cashews and elaci or elakkai.  Take little of each and dry grind in a mixture.  Add a few spoons to the kheer and stir well.
Javvarisi payasam as naivedyam is ready to be offered for Puja
If would like to watch the video from my YouTube channel in Tamil for this payasam , It can be searched on my YouTube channel, primarily for rangoli designs. The video is in Tamil with English subtitles so that it would easy to follow for those who are do not know Tamil.  If the subtitles do not show we have to enable the rectangular icon on the bottom right of the video.    \

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