Thattai recipe step by step pictures

Authentic and traditional thattai | Deepavali snacks recipes
Traditionally rice is soaked in water for half an hour or so , the water is drained, then rice is spread on a clean cloth and dried in shade. 

 When dry the rice is heated for some time on a stove and ground at the local shop colloquially called "machine".

I have taken two measures of this rice flour in an azhakku ( a measure that is approximately 200 gram )
Add required quantity of salt

Add hing as required and then red chilly powder
Some add soaked gram dhal ,  I add roasted gram


We can add roasted ground nuts ( half pieces ) or powdered ground nuts also
Add unsalted butter or hot oil and mix well. Mixing ensures that salt and other ingredients spread evenly throughout the flour.


Add water as required to make a dough like chapati or poori


Make small spheres of the dough when dough is ready


Take a clean cloth and using fingers spread the dough gently so that we get flat circles.  Some use plastic sheet but the advantage of using a clean cloth is that it absorbs moisture.

We can also use a cookie cutter to get perfect circles


Remove the flat dough gently from the cloth

Before this using a fork pierce a few holes so that air in the dough escapes and when fried the thattai does not get puffed up like a poori


Fry in hot oil in medium flame


Drain excess oil and serve as Deepavali bakshanam or as an evening snack.  Thattai when dropped in a vessel gives a characteristic sound if prepared perfectly.


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