Deepam kolam Diya rangoli with dots

  Simple deepam kolam with dots

I have tried to add a number of photos to show the steps to make  it easy to follow.  Hope they are useful .  If not please leave your feedback in the comments section.  I will be glad to help.   

Place a 5 to 3 dot grid - idukku pulli  and draw the star pattern                                                

The  next two images show the tricky part in  this kolam. Extend the lines on all six sides using the projected edges of the star.  The lines should actually appear as a continuation  of the line in the star.  We should careful  that there is no change  in the direction


Once this done carefully and achieved the rest is easy.

Connect as shown to get the diya bases


Draw the deepam patterns  and some decorations  to  complete the simple chukki  rangoli



This kolam is with just 5 to 3 dots .  I bet it will be challenging.  We can draw the start pattern to start with as shown in the first picture.  However extending the subsequent  lines should be done with care.  The angle  at which the lines are drawn has to be done carefully.  Of course we can always erase the kola podi and draw again but if we want get a smooth flow of the design without getting stuck up any where I think we should  practice it once or twice before venturing  into this small but challenging kolam. We should  not get carried away by the size and become overconfident .  The irony is that some  small kolam can be challenging but the bigger kolam  can be very easy with just repetitive patterns. This kolam is one such kolam.  Of course it is a very easy kolam but if we become overconfident and  try without practicing  once ( i.e  if we  trying it the first time ) there is every likelihood of us getting  stuck up. 

The analogy suitable for this is a question paper in school or college that many us would  have experienced.  A small problem or sum with one or two marks may shock us with the number of steps involved or some concept to be applied whereas a 5 or 10 mark question may be direct substitution of the values of just a derivation  that we have memorised many times.    

Simple diya rangoli with 5 to 3 dots for Diwali | Deepada chukki rangoli 
The dot pattern used is 5 by 3 .  The deepam patterns, very simple are drawn so that we get a circular arrangement of deepam.


The central dot is decorated with a spiral pattern  with dots all around.

Since I felt that the kolam appeared incomplete I enclosed all the deepam designs with a border as shown in the next image.


We can add colours for festivals like Navratri, Diwali and Karthigai Deepam.  If we use it for daily kolam , white kolam is sufficient.  If we would like to draw it for Friday , a kaavi border is required.

After some standard dot grids , a non standard dot pattern,  however I have used this dot type in a few rangoli .   The basic pattern is the same in this rangoli that can be converted into a diya rangoli with diya patterns or a lotus rangoli design if we replace the diya with small lotus patterns.  

This can be drawn free hand also , I can assure you that it can be challenging when drawn free hand to get the shapes inside the kolam right.  So I have stuck to a diya rangoli with dots only because the theme of my blog is to have simple  rangoli that can be explained through simple steps.

The dot grid is 2,5,6,5,6,5,2 when viewed from the  left side of the image below.  Two dots are at the top and bottom.  Many designs show the side view of the rangoli as it is convenient for me to take pictures on that side.

First draw the four lines using the horizontal dots , two small and two big.


Next form two triangles,  by connecting the lower end  ( with the photo below as reference ) of the bigger line at the bottom to the upper  end of the smaller line at the bottom.

Next connect the lower end of the smaller line at the bottom to the upper end of the bigger line .  So that we get a line pattern that is continuous and also two triangles  are formed

Repeat the steps on the two lines on the left side of the image and the result is the pattern in the picture below.

The rest is easy , add diya designs to complete the rangoli

A simple and beautiful design is ready for Ugadi or Tamil New Year's day.  Such simple designs can also be part of our Navratri kolam gallery because we need quite a few for the nine days.  Diya rangoli designs are also popular during Diwali and Karthigai Deepam ( Diwali of Tamil Nadu )


One more diya rangoli or deepam kolam muggulu with just lines .  As usual a gallery of images to explain the steps.

Digressing from the topic - some free hand rangoli with diya patterns  too

Two pairs of lines horizontal and vertical intersect as shown.  The six areas formed are filled with straight lines.  Connect edges of the pairs of straight lines with inclined lines to form the basic.
The rest is as we do usually. Add diya designs to make a deepam kolam , spirals and dots decorate the kolam further.



without chukki deepada rangoli 

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