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Some tips , tricks and techniques that can be used for creating rangoli for school and college competitions when time is a premium but accuracy is important so that symmetry is achieved to a great extent - are given in the images above.  These ideas for rangoli designs feature how to use various circular and other objects available in our house to create rangoli designs.  Accordingly this gallery of rangoli designs with use bangles, old CDs and cotton buds to form the patterns.  The advantage of using cotton buds is that we can get thinner patterns when compared those we get when we use the index finger as we do in the traditional method. I will share more and more ideas in Rangolisansdots as and when I get them .  There is another post on how to create beautiful rangoli designs using old compact discs.  This method ensures that even beginners can draw beautiful rangoli without much experience in rangoli making.
The first rangoli uses bangles of various shapes big and small.


Place the big bangles at the centre - six are used in the centre.  Then two smaller bangles of different sizes to form six arms as shown in the image.

 In the gaps I have used a small bangle between the arms.  Arrange the bangles as symmetrically as possible with the eyes.  Fill up the inner pattern with blue colour Then fill the other bangels with white, orange and green.  At the centre fill with white rangoli powder.            

Next and most important step in this variety of rangoli is the removal of the bangles.  This is the only step where the rangoli has some degree of difficulty.  We have do it carefully .  It comes easily with practice.  Remove all of them.  
Now using cotton buds form various patterns in the circles formed by the cotton buds.

Place white dots to make the rangoli more attractive. This completes the rangoli and it appears as we see in the top image.  A simple and easy method to create a rangoli for Diwali decoration or Diwali competition.

Diwali rangoli border - simple and easy design
This border also uses the same technique that has been adopted in the previous rangoli.  Place the rangoli as far apart as required.  Now between the bangles draw curved lines.  Remove the bangles.  Decorate the curved lines with two cotton buds held together.


Decorate the circles with cotton buds
Place white dots as shown .  This will make the border more attractive.
Draw a simple floral pattern at two points as shown to complete the border rangoli .  This can be used to decorate a bigger rangoli or the entrance .  We can place diyas as specific points to make the border even more beautiful to look at.

Creative rangoli designs for New Year rangoli competitions

Another rangoli idea is using bangle and cookie cutter or biscuit cutter as it is also called.  Using this we can create a simple flower rangoli design that can be drawn for New Year decoration or Diwali or for school competitions . 

 I have given a general idea only , we can develop and make the rangoli bigger if needed.  The pics below should be self explanatory.


Form petals  of the flower for the floral rangoli design by placing the cookie cutter around the bangle
 Place small dots along the edge of the petal
 Fill the centre with yellow and green dots ( may be they represent pollen !)
 This is the tricky part in an otherwise simple rangoli - gently remove the bangle
 Next form leaf patterns in green using the cookie or biscuit cutter using green colour
 Using cotton bud decorate the periphery of the leaf
 The rangoli after completion , simple and colourful

Diya rangoli designs for Diwali , New Year with bangles 

We can have very easy and simple rangoli designs for festival decoration including New Year rangoli decoration or for that matter Pongal kolam  , if we want to try something different instead of the traditional rangoli designs we draw for Pongal or Sankranti festival.  The images below show the step by step procedure to make a quick and easy diya rangoli or vilakku kolam 

Place the bangles in the shape of a diya in temples and draw the base


 Draw the diya patterns inside the bangles


 Remove the bangles carefully


Using cotton buds decorate the diya base and diya or lamp patterns as shown


Using the finger rangoli technique , place dots and connect all the elements of the lamp

 Use orange and yellow to represent the diya lights .  The rangoli is ready for festival decoration


If you are looking for quick rangoli designs for Diwali , fast rangoli design , easy way to make rangoli some of these tips and tricks may be useful to create unique designs.  You can try them or using these ideas you can create your own unique awesome rangoli for Diwali, Dhanteras and Bhai Dhooj festivals 

These different ideas for designs and patterns can also be tried for Christmas decoration ideas or New Year decoration ideas for our homes

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