Without chukki rangoli for Diwali

 Quite a few viewers on social media ( Facebook, Blogger ) ask me why I have used the name "Rangolisansdots ". 

Sans means without in French,  I am told.  I started with rangoli without dots.  A white design that can be used for daily purpose

I am on social media sharing rangoli designs for eleven years now.  Obviously there are several requests for designs with dots too.

So I am sharing both types.  However the name stuck.  It is not possible to change the name .  It leads to several problems with search engines.  

They frown upon changing name.  

The freedom with free hand rangoli is that we can decide the size depending upon the space , time and imagination at our disposal.

Same rangoli with colours for Diwali festival ( also known as Deepavali in southern part of India ). 

Adding colours to the plain white design can result in creating the most beautiful rangoli designs ( in the world !)

Most of the designs are created spontaneously.  Many a time I share the rangoli created in my note book.  Some times I make few modifications.  Some changes may be made as I draw too. 

    Coming to the rangoli , please compare the design with colours  and the one without colours.  I use a black granite slab for drawing designs for my website.  Hence the black background.  White rangoli are beautiful in their own way and we can use them for our daily rangolis.  The colourful design can be used for the festival. 
    If you are looking for a small and simple rangoli for festival decoration.  this may fit the bill.

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