Top 10 rangoli design for Diwali

Collection of top rangoli designs for Diwali

Best rangoli design simple 1  - This was quite a popular design when I first started sharing rangolis on social media. The secret is that as far as possible all lines both straight and curved should be continuous without breaks 



Best rangoli design easy no. 2 Starting to draw a free hand rangoli is easy if we use basic geometric patterns like square or hexagon


Best rangoli kolam no. 3 - After erasing a colourful rangoli ,  I store the mixture of various colours separately.  The resultant colour is somewhat brown.  I used it as the background for the design in the image above. The photo was taken at an odd angle 


Best rangoli ideas no. 4 - Floral designs are another easy way of starting a rangoli without dots.  If we have, in our memory,  a set of patterns that can be used at the centre,  we will not have a starting problem !

Best rangoli kolam image no. 5 -  I just love to create rangoli designs .  Here in the pic above one more pattern without dots for festival decoration


Best rangoli and easy no. 6 Filling colours in small and intricate patterns should be done carefully so that the colours do not smudge the design.  Still , it may happen.  So it is a good practice to draw the outline once again with white rangoli powder for the entire design.


 Best rangoli kolangal no. 7 and 8 - For free hand kolam we should let our imagination run riot,  sometimes the results may be pleasantly surprising. 


Best rangoli for competition no. 9 -  In the image below a circular pattern filled with different hues.  Adding colours is a very good exercise for improving concentration .  I hope you will agree.  Such designs can be used as colouring activity too. 


Best rangoli design for competitions  no. 10 - The design below has been drawn only with colour rangoli and some patterns have been added with white powder.  I did it just to try something different


These simple and colourful designs are  suitable if you are looking for simple and easy New Year Kolam or  colourful Sankranti muggulu without dots or Navratri rangoli   The videos for some of these kolam are available in my YouTube channel - Sudha Balaji

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