Simple easy rangoli design for Diwali

A collection of small n easy rangolis for daily use or if you are looking for such type of designs for Diwali or other festival you can book mark these patterns 

I had shared a quick and easy rangoli trick for creating a colourful design with paper cups, thought it will be very useful for those who want to celebrate Diwali with a unique rangoli but are not familiar with the tradtional method 

1) Easy simple rangoli kolam

2) Easy rangoli drawing for Diwali - butterflies


3) Easy diya rangoli

4) Very small rangoli designs without dots


5)  Very small and simple rangoli design without chukki


One of the comments for that video really made my day 

"Needed this for so long ma'am .... and yes the rangoli with cups is sure going to make a hero in my new office ... will share something when I do something you are teaching proud to see a person at your age so tech savvy and utilising it for something to share knowledge "

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