Simple white rangoli designs for Diwali

 I have shared these rangoli with colours elsewhere in this blog.  I am sharing them here so that you can colour them for Diwali festival according to your imagination.  You may also use them for vasal (entrance ) kolam if you are looking for some intricate designs  -  Circular rangoli image no. 1    

Small rangoli without dots  no.2

Using floral petals as the base and creating a kolam with various motifs , patterns is a popular type of  without chukki rangoli designs.  We can use 8, 16 or 32 petals.  64 petals are also possible .  However 32 petal pattern is itself intricate for which we have to apply lots of concentration.  Thin lines are required to ensure the pattern is compact.

Rangoli design no. 3   Complex may not be the correct definition for the pic shown below.  Drawing small patterns with rangoli powder comes with practice.

Beautiful rangoli no. 4

The pic below shows an intermediate step.  Like many free hand rangoli even this can be used as a small rangoli . The design after completion is shown above.  White rangoli designs can also be used as colouring activity for kids.

Some of you may be aware that I share rangoli videos on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.  I share some interesting comments and feedback I get there on my blog.

Recently,  I had this comment for one of my videos

"Coming here first time. Amazing ...authentic... alignment ....attractive....accolades pouring unto to you our dear artist . Purely divine utterly beautiful .  Background music also synced so divinely.....Lovely experience.....I love Rangolisansdots " 

 I have shared some of the adjectives that she used as an alliteration.
 So far as background music is concerned I  use Carnatic music provided by Facebook.  

Alignment -  I think she refers to symmetry.  For symmetry we should practice without aids to attain near perfection.  Yes near perfection because with this technique we cannot be perfectly perfect.

A famous sitar maestro once said , " If I do not practice for one day ,  I know it.  If I do not practice for a week , the accompanists know it.  If I do not practice for a month the audience knows it.  So I practice daily "

So practice is the secret for symmetry in kolam.

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