Special rangoli design for Dhanteras

While rangoli themselves are beautiful, when  drawn with parallel lines are even more beautiful. 

 Drawing the rangoli lines in parallel - simultaneously can be used for smaller and bigger designs. 

You may have observed  that drawing  2 stroke designs  is my weakness :) :) I just love to draw them .

For this technique the trick is to take  rangoli powder is taken between the index and middle fingers. 

Using the thumb, the index and middle fingers allow the rangoli powder to flow between the middle and index fingers ( one line ) and on the outside of the thumb ( second parallel line ). 

 The distance between the middle and index fingers depends upon how comfortable we are in drawing 

When we use two diferent colours instead of while , the result is a rangoli with parallel lines of two different colours. 

 If drawing parallel lines in rangoli is  difficult, drawing two different colours is  more difficult.  

For drawing double  lines  of two different colours, we can try once we are comfortable drawing 2 lines with white rangoli . 

What is important is that we should try not to be conscious of the fact that we are using two colours else the colours may mix or smudge.  Just draw it confidently.  

Contrasting , bright colours are usually good .  Pick the first colour with the middle finger and hold it with the thumb. 

 Now using the index finger pick the other colour.

Hold both colours with the thumb and push with the thumb so that one line falls between the two fingers and one line falls outside the index finger.

 Dhanteras special rangoli design
How to draw double lines in rangoli for special occasions

How to pick the two colours for drawing the lines 
Important tip.  Carefully pick the colours depending upon the line or pattern so that we get continuous lines of the same color throughout . 

 Else the  lines may interchange.  For example one part may be yellow and the next part will become orange.  Hope I have tried to convey clearly this tip.

Anyway please give your feedback.  This special technique that is rare  because it is  difficult .  You may also want to know some easy rangoli hacks  after trying this complicated rangoli technique.

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