Easy small rangoli designs for Diwali

 Nowadays stickers for rangoli designs are available.   The satisfaction I  get when I  draw a kolam in the morning listening to devotional songs in the background is bliss. 

 It is to be experienced  and  cannot be explained in words.

When I visit my acquaintances it is painful to see rangoli stickers at the entrance .  Stickers should not replace a traditional kolam . 

 If time and space are constraints we can draw small and simple designs. You can choose from the thousands of designs available on this website.   

 The images above show one of them.
While the black and white kolam in the pic can be drawn for our daily kolam.

  It can be filled with colours for festivals like Diwali ( Deepavali in Tamil Nadu ). The use of spirals in simple rangoli is demonstrated in the design shown above.

  If the spiral designs are drawn at a single stretch without any breaks , the rangoli will look even more beautiful.  Practice makes one perfect as some wise man said.  

The more a skill is practised the better one becomes at it. 

Incidentally , this simple design became quite popular as a video too 

White kolam for daily use
    Add colours for festival decoration .  The result - a very beautiful rangoli design

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