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Sri Ranganathar temple Devadanam near Chennai

For quite a long time we wanted to go to SriRangam ( Thiruvarangam ) in Tamil but we could not due to various reasons.  We went to Thirukadaiyur, Chidambaram, several times to Kancheepuram , Shirdi but some how this pilgrimage is getting postponed. This is when I got a message of Whatsapp about a 1000 year old temple of Sri Ranganatha Swamy also called Vada Thiruvarangam or North Srirangam.  The temple  is small and beautiful and situated among the fields in a place called Devadhanam.   According to the temple priest the idol is 18 feet , resting five feet above the ground on Adhishesha made from the holy Shaligram and built by the Chalukya kings.  Lord Ranganatha rests on a 'marakkaal " ( a vessel used for measuring grains ).  It is believed that He rests his Head on this after giving food grains to the humans on earth.  He is very Handsome with a beautiful smile and we can have a very close darshan without any disturbance.  Lord Brahma on a lotus from His

Puzzle with dots and lines in kolam pics

Create the star dot pattern  7 dots one row then 8,9,10 dots above and below, then 3,2,1 dots above and below the 10 dot row This will result in a star dot pattern as shown in the image below Step 1 - Draw the hexagaon with lines Step 2 - Draw a pair of parallel lines on all six sides as shown in the photo Draw a line below the row with 7 dots connecting the smaller inclined lines as shown Draw a line above the row with 7 dots Connect the outer lines as shown in the next image below Another step in this kolam after more connections are made with inclined lines Draw lines outside the row with 9 dots on either side Again slanting lines connect the outer lines in the next three images The next six images show triangles being drawn inside, the position of the hand shows how the lines proceed.  I have included the hand in the picture to give a better idea The hand shows a triangle being drawn connecting three sid