Iyengar padi kolam patterns steps thru images


These type of padi kolam use curved lines instead of straight lines , the result a beautiful pattern emerges.

It is a tradition to draw at least two lines either simultaneously or separately


The next step in the rangoli , it expands outwards through curved lines


One more set of lines to make it a pair

The centre can be decorated with a lotus design


Again the rangoli expands outwards as shown in the next few photos

The position of the hand can be watched in the next two images to draw the pattern.  Though there are many ways to draw a pattern I have tried to follow a simple method to make it easy for those who want to learn.  For those who have knowledge of these patterns , they can be drawn with fewer steps



Spirals and dots decorate the outermost gaps .  As is the norm ,  these designs depend upon our imagination


These beautiful padi kolam can be drawn on Fridays and for Navratri 

Sri Ranganathar temple Devadanam near Chennai



For quite a long time we wanted to go to SriRangam ( Thiruvarangam ) in Tamil but we could not due to various reasons.  We went to Thirukadaiyur, Chidambaram, several times to Kancheepuram , Shirdi but some how this pilgrimage is getting postponed.

This is when I got a message of Whatsapp about a 1000 year old temple of Sri Ranganatha Swamy also called Vada Thiruvarangam or North Srirangam.  The temple  is small and beautiful and situated among the fields in a place called Devadhanam.  

According to the temple priest the idol is 18 feet , resting five feet above the ground on Adhishesha made from the holy Shaligram and built by the Chalukya kings.  Lord Ranganatha rests on a 'marakkaal " ( a vessel used for measuring grains ).  It is believed that He rests his Head on this after giving food grains to the humans on earth.  He is very Handsome with a beautiful smile and we can have a very close darshan without any disturbance.  Lord Brahma on a lotus from His Navel.  Goddess Lakshmi is with lotus flower,  Goddess Bhooma Devi with 'nilothbhala' flower.  Lord Hanuman near His Feet bowing to Him with folded hands.  The sthala vriksha is the Parijatha tree.  Sri Ranganayaki Thayar Sannidhi is very divine

When we went there using the Google map we were almost lost among the villages because we we lost connection with the internet service provider.  Fortunately we met an electrician probably with the Electricity Board and requested him to give directions.  He obliged immediately after praying to Lord Ranganatha !  When we reached the temple it was twilight and there were sudden rains too.  
However we had a divine and great darshan

We went via Ponneri, Minjur and returned via the Calcutta Highway via Red Hills.  It seems that the way via Red Hills is probably the easiest route .  

From your location search for directions to " Sri Ranganatha Perumal , Devadhanam " on Google maps .  

Puzzle with dots and lines in kolam pics

Create the star dot pattern 

7 dots one row then 8,9,10 dots above and below, then 3,2,1 dots above and below the 10 dot row
This will result in a star dot pattern as shown in the image below

Step 1 - Draw the hexagaon with lines


Step 2 - Draw a pair of parallel lines on all six sides as shown in the photo


Draw a line below the row with 7 dots connecting the smaller inclined lines as shown


Draw a line above the row with 7 dots


Connect the outer lines as shown in the next image below


Another step in this kolam after more connections are made with inclined lines


Draw lines outside the row with 9 dots on either side


Again slanting lines connect the outer lines in the next three images





The next six images show triangles being drawn inside, the position of the hand shows how the lines proceed.  I have included the hand in the picture to give a better idea



The hand shows a triangle being drawn connecting three sides of the hexagonal pattern


The next two pics show the second triangle being drawn connecting the remaining three sides


After completion it is really beautiful isn't it , though challenging we will get the satisfaction of  having achieved something once we complete the pattern.


Kolam is a simple floor art but some of the designs with dots can be really complicated and challenging.   If we get it right after trying a few times we should be happy that we have achieved.  Some designs may require a lot of practice before we can draw them with confidence without getting stuck !

A beautiful Indian tradition in which the intelligence, creative abilities of the individual are brought out through patterns drawn on the floor, daily.

Hats off to the home maker women of the previous generation who had little formal education but were experts in creating and drawing such patterns.

Square kolam patterns - with lines 



 This kolam is formed mainly with squares , then dots are placed in the centres of the squares.
The final pattern may appear confusing but if practised a few times we can easily get it.

The  video shows the steps , slow motion video is also added to give a better idea 

YouTube Silver button price less


What is the YouTube silver button price - it is price less for me !

Two years back I shared my experience in posting rangoli on YouTube.   As a recap ,  I am a traditional home maker from India .  So  I take care of my family.  After two decades as a home maker I wanted to do some thing, achieve something.  My husband gave me the idea of having a blog for rangoli and my son suggested that I upload rangoli videos on YouTube..  So I had my first email ( you read  it right , my first account in 2012 )  .  Using the account I started a blog and started posting rangoli designs.    Then I started posting some amateurish videos on YouTube with rangoli  or kolam as the theme.  

In 2015 I received an email from YouTube asking me to share my mobile number because they wanted to discuss with me.  After checking that the email was actually from YouTube I mailed my number.   They were surprised that my Channel was becoming popular though only my hand was visible in my videos.  They were kind enough to invite me to the inauguration of YouTube Space in Mumbai in December 2015,  the first of its kind in Asia.  I understand that I am one of the selected few invited for the inauguration.  

Recently I had a video call with my manager at YouTube.  During our discussion , she told me that my Channel is a respected channel. This is the greatest honour I have received so far.  The first , an invitation to Mumbai and the second of course the Silver play button.  

After starting with rangoli based on viewers requests,  I occasionally upload videos on home  made recipes,  Puja related videos also.  There are lots of requests for Pooja procedures also.


In this letter she says that "you do it because you have a drive to create and share " and also because the creator found an audience who likes his/her content.  So the honour "respected channel" is because of my viewers . I am very thankful and indebted to them

15-8 dots muggulu duck muggulu designs

One more popular muggu drawn for festivals like Sankranti or New Year.  For such occasions we can fill the muggu with beautiful colours.  


Mark the dots as shown in the image below with circles .  This will be useful as reference for drawing the ducks.

Proceed to draw the ducks one by one

Another view of the birds being drawn

A close up view of the muggu

Next mark the eyes of the ducks inside at six positions as shown .

Using the eyes as reference draw the ducks one by one

This image shows drawing of the ducks in progress

Fill with colours,  I have decorated with shades of white rangoli only

Connect the head to the central floral design


There are many methods of drawing a rangoli with dots.  Free hand designs flow from our imagination and hence it is better to follow it to  create one.  Dot muggulu on the other hand can be drawn in several methods.  It is like solving a math problem.  There may be many methods but we must try to find the easiest method.  I try to share an easy method from my experience in drawing 
these designs for decades.  Even when I try  new muggulu design with dots intuitively I try to proceed with the easiest method.  The results are evident from the comments I get on YouTube and Facebook.   Don't to become tired, where from do you get so much energy my viewers ask.  Actually it is the feedback, doubts from the viewers of my videos that drives me and gives me energy to keep going despite my busy schedule as a home maker.   

8 by 8 dots rangoli 8-8 dots kolam

8 x 8 dots rangoli 

A common rangoli with dots , such square dot patterns with 8 dots are not common in Tamil Nadu.  I would like to share some of the designs.

This is slightly tricky, connecting the dots with straight lines,  the images should help make the steps easy for those who may need them.

Always it is advisable to draw the easiest patterns first so that the remaining dots can be used to create the more complicated ones.  Accordingly four butterflies are drawn at the four corners.

8-x-8 dots-rangoli-1a.png

The first step of connecting the dots with straight lines.

The next step connecting the dots with lines parallel to the first.
8-x- 8-dots-rangoli-1ac.png

This leaves two dots on four sides and four dots at the centre as in the picture above.

8-x-8 dots-rangoli-1ad.png

Connect the four outer dots with curved lines.

8-x 8-dots-rangoli-1af.png

Butterfly like patterns can be replaced with floral designs also.
8-x 8-dots-rangoli-1ai.png

Simple elephant kolam | hathi rangoli using 8-8 matrix as reference

This is a beautiful rangoli that can be drawn for Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi in the Puja room.
Marking the position of the elephants is important to draw the head , ear and the eye.  The rest is quite easy.

In the dot matrix start the first elephant at the 7th dot of 2nd row


After drawing the head and ear draw the trunk.


Then comes the tusk and the decoration on the forehead.

The second elephant is drawn at the 7th dot in the 7th row

The third elephant is drawn at 2nd dot of 2nd row

The fourth elephant is drawn at the 2nd dot of 7th row.


After drawing all elephants we can shade inside with rangoli or we can choose a suitable colour to fill.  I have a mixture of used rangoli powder, the resultant  colour usually is suitable for elephant designs.  This is what I use for elephant kolam.

Clover leaf rangoli - ettu pulli kolam

Another common kolam using this square dot pattern.  Repeated patterns in the shape of a clover leaf , the images below show the steps