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Krishna Jayanthi or Janmashtami

In the month of Sravan (Aavani) on the eighth day (ashtami ) after full moon is celebrated Janashtami or Gokulashtami.  For some the birth star of Lord Krishna is important and so they celebrate it on the day Rohini star falls.  Both come within a few days of each other, invariably.   As I have written earlier,  the customs and traditions followed are many even for the same festival.  So I would like to share here how I celebrate this festival.   In the morning, we perform puja to the Lord Krishna idols we have.  He is in the famous crawling pose.  After performing archana, we offer five types of fruits that include jamun (Jambul in Hindi or naga pazham in Tamil ).   My father  offered Jambul leaves also for Krishnashtami puja. We also offer, milk, curd, butter and ghee.   In the evening we perform puja to the picture of Lord Krishna for more than five decades, now ( I am told).  It is a Thanjavur painting that we have. The offering include that are the favourites to many of

Varalakshmi Vratham and Navarathri kolam ideas

An update for Varalakshmi Pooja 2023,  a simple geethala muggu I created has been added Navarathri golu kolam | Special padi kolam Varalakshmi Vratham 2018 | special kolam | 4 line rangoli  S pecial functions and festivals demand special kolam.   This traditional rangoli with line of symmetry demand some skill in drawing the series of concentric curved lines.  Otherwise it is an easy design only.  The next step is  the filling up of the gaps on the four sides with lines Lotus flower is associated with Lakshmi Devi so we can added them in the kolam After completion decorate with geru . Centre of the kolam is always filled with some simple design - flowers, spirals or if drawn in the Puja room Lakshmi padham kolu or golu decoration with kolam We celebrate Navratri for nine days or rather nine nights , hence the name Navratri.  Starting with the first day apart from various decorations we do for the kolu with craft and art,  tradition has it that we draw a new kolam for the kolu ev

Rangoli tips from my videos on YouTube

This information is based on the questions that were asked through comments on my videos on YouTube.  The information has been collected here so that it can be book marked for reference particularly when kolam or muggu drawing is at the peak  during Margazhi ( Dhaurmasam ) upto Pongal ( Sankranti festival )  1. What rangoli powder do you use I use kolapodi as we say in Tamil Nadu purchased from the local vendor.  It is sieved to remove rough particles.  Then to three parts kola podi one part rice flour is added and mixed well.  This video shows how it is done . The YouTube video is 👉  rangoli tips video    2. Do you make rangoli colours at home Not at present.  I get colours from Nagpur where my sister lives .  There are many requests for rangoli colours making tutorial , so I am planning to make one 3.  Which rangoli book do you follow There are thousands of designs in Rangoli-sans-dots blog and hundreds of videos in Rangoli-sans-dots , video Channel on YouTube.  So it is ob

Ganesh Puja

After Varalakshmi Vratham, comes Ganesh Chaturti or Vinayaka Chathurti or Chavithi .  It is celebrated on Chathurthi (the fourth day) after new moon  in the Tamil month, Aavani and Bhadrapada maasa in other calenders.Again, I would like to share how I celebrate this festival according to the method followed in our family.  There may be different methods followed in different families in various places in India.                       Arugampul (Bermuda grass) and arali (oleander) are two of the most important offerings for Ganesh Chathurti celebrations. This simple garland is my offering for Ganesh Puja.  A tuft of arugampul and two oleander flowers are placed together as shown, oleander above arugampul and strung into a garland following the usual method of stringing flowers.   Erukkam Poo malai | different type for Pillai Chaturthi decoration This garland is made by tying the flowers in a circle around the string  Tie two flowers one up and one down at the centre of a