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New year rangoli, Pongal kolam

9 dots Sankranti pot rangoli designs with dots  | Pongal panai kolam | pot , sugarcane , sun designs The Pongal pot overflowing with Pongal cooked with newly harvested rice, sugar cane and the Sun are synonymous with Pongal  or Sankranti festival .  This kolam is with 9 by 9 dot pattern.  The pictures will give the step by step procedure for drawing the rangoli. Margazhi is also important due to the fact that the English New Year falls in this month and the month ends with Sankranti.   Since our family lives in Tamil Nadu, we are lucky because we celebrate the English New Year, Ugadi (New Year celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra)  and of course the Tamil New Year.  On the new year's eve we find many rangolis  big and small welcoming the new year.  The words "Welcome 2" or "Happy New Year " will  be written on the periphery of many Margazhi rangoli heralding the arrival of  " Puthaandu ( New Year ) ".  Margazhi ends with Sankran

Margazhi kolam collection

Margazhi kolam | Dhanurmasam muggulu | Sankranti rangoli ( மார்கழி கோலங்கள் )  I have shared different types of kolam here, however  I invariably draw double line or double stroke rangoli during this season. An advantage is that it is easy to add colours.   We have to add colours only in the gaps.  The two images below show how the muggu develops into a beautiful design.   They will also give us an idea as to how to proceed with this simple muggu.  The central design with four triangles has curved lines originating from the centre of the base of the triangle.   All the lines originating from the base are connected and using brown colour muggu powder add parallel lines The muggu is further expanded with motifs or patterns on all four sides as also the gaps that are left.   Designs with white rmuggu powder and the leaf or petal like designs filled with red or orange colour enhance the image (!) of the muggu design.  Add green colour lines as shown and yellow patterns to complete the m