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New year rangoli, Pongal kolam

9 dots Sankranti pot rangoli designs with dots  | Pongal panai kolam | pot , sugarcane , sun designs Margazhi is also important due to the fact that the English New Year falls in this month and the month ends with Sankranti.  Since our family lives in Tamil Nadu, we are lucky because we celebrate the English New Year, adi (New Year celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra)   and of course the Tamil New Year.    On the new year's eve we find many rangolis  big and small welcoming the new year.   The words "Welcome 2" or "Happy New Year " will  be written on the periphery of many Margazhi rangoli heralding the arrival of  " Puthaandu ( New Year ) ".  Margazhi ends with Sankranti celebrations.  It is celebrated for four days in Tamil Nadu.  The first day is  Bhogi,  2nd  day is Thai Pongal,  3rd day is Maattu Pongal and the 4th day is Kaanum Pongal .    Apart from  other festivities rangolis play a very important  role in celebration of S

Margazhi kolam collection

      Colourful free hand Margazhi kolam for 2012 The next important season after Diwali season for rangolis is of course Margazhi (aka Dhanur masam).  It is natural that Rangoli-sans-dots has a few kolangal  for this season.   It is during this month that we see some of the most beautiful rangolis drawn at the entrance or on the streets  (particularly in Tamil  Nadu)  with most of passers-by having a look at those drawn.  They may cast a glance or assess them, look in amazement or in awe.   Some stand there for some time trying to learn the method of drawing those rangolis by looking at them.  It is common to see ladies standing near a rangoli discussing the dots patterns used or method to be followed for free hand kolams.   What needs to be factored in is the climate that is relatively cold and some times misty in the early morning.  This does not deter the ladies nor does it dampen  their enthusiasm for 30 days in the month  of Margazhi.   Some draw  alone, some  with their daught