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Bisi bele bath recipe and side dish

If you are looking for bisi bele bath recipe , powder of bisi bele bath or sambar sadam Karnataka style this post may have the information you seek. Bisi bele bath or bisi bele huli anna translates to hot dhal sambar rice is one of the most popular lunch recipes and is from Karnataka. This tastes best when eaten hot .  Onion raitha a suitable side dish as also potato chips. For one cup rice take one cup toor dhal ( Some take half cup dhal for one cup rice , this is the combination adopted in our family ) Traditional sambar sadam recipe  Add a pinch of turmeric powder and cook them both in a cooker so that the resultant mixture becomes semi solid  The vegetables used are carrot , potato , green peas.  We can also use beans and pea nuts.  Chop them into small pieces as shown and cook them also in a cooker Take a gooseberry size tamarind and soak in water when we start the process of cooking  The toor dhal , rice , turmeric powder combination after getting cooked into a