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Vata Savitri Vratha

 F estival - Savitri Vratha This festival falls during June (Jyeshta month full moon day).  Legend has it that Savitri after penance could get back the life of her husband on this day.  So this vratha or puja is performed on this day for the welfare of the spouse.  After the puja five married women are invited to the house and offered haldi-kumkum with mangoes. After fasting from morning a feast is arranged in the afternoon with kheer (sweet porridge ). A portrait of Savitri is decorated with turmeric, kumkum, cotton garland (called vastra ) and flowers It is also called Vata Savitri Vratha (probably because Vata refers to fig tree )                                                            Story of Vata Savithri Pooja  King Aswapathi who ruled over Bhadra Desa had no issues .  He worshipped Savithri Devi .  By Her grace a girl child was born.  Hence the King named her Savithri.   As years passed by Savithiri grew into a   beautiful woman with extraordinary intelligence  The King s