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Simple muggulu designs with dots

The first muggu in this gallery  of muggulu that are from a collection of the designs I draw at the entrance. As the title suggests they will all be without colours because that is what we usually draw as daily muggulu at the entrance of our homes and reserve colourful ones for festivals. Small small muggulu with dots for entrance Deepam designs can be highlighted in this muggu and can be part of our Deepavali muggulu that are small and easy Very small and simple 3 dots muggulu / rangoli This is a very basic version of a sikku kolam type I drew using a bigger dot grid in Rangolisansdots.  In  fact this design can be used with square centre or with a hexagon at the centre to make it bigger. Place a 3 by 3 dot pattern , then place 2 and 1 dot on all four sides Using the in between dot grid type.   Draw a square outside the 3 by 3 dot pattern.  Then draw four triangles as shown in the images. The edges are rounded on all four sides to get an e