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Simple kolam designs Varalakshmi Pooja

 For the mantap on which we place the kalasam or face of the Goddess we usually draw auspicious rangolis like Hridaya kamalam or Aishwarya kolam.   For decoration in front of the mantapam or outside the house we can choose to draw  a simple padi kolam or any other design of our choice except sikku kolam.  Some ideas are given  through images  . This is a collection of without chukki rangoli designs with an intermediate step to make it clear if there are any doubts.   First on e of the simplest kolam created by me for social media.  Colours can be added to make it more beautiful Drawing the central design around which patterns can be added according to our convenience.  The secret is drawing the lines at one stretch , joints in lines should be avoided                One more simple rangoli with lines that can be used to decorate the space before the Mandap                                    Next is a dotted kolam - 7 by 4 dots .  Placing small dots inside the design can be done by using

Dot rangoli for Varamahalakshmi festival

One of the biggest and auspicious festivals of India , Varamahalakshmi Pooja is celebrated in Sravan month.   We need lots of rangolis to decorate the mantap, in front of and around the mantap and of course the entrance of our homes.  We may be comfortable with free hand or rangoli designs with dots.  This post is for those who prefer simple dot rangoli for decoration.   Let us remember that kaavi decoration of the kolam or muggulu is mandatory for festivals  1) How to draw this rangoli with dots - pic showing one of the steps  Simple kolam becomes awesome with shading The dot pattern is 7 by 4 for the rangoli in the above images.  Instead of shading with white we can add colours too.   Simple rangoli becomes beautiful with shading and with use of dots  The rangoli above is with 8 by 8 dots pattern.  The design below is with 6 dots 4 rows and then 4 dots one row on either side  Patterns, motifs make a simple muggu , awesome  Three different types of chukki rangoli designs with steps f

Varalakshmi vratham story or katha

 It is said that Goddess Parvathi requested Lord Shiva to tell Her a Vratha which when performed by women will ensure all good things and blessings. Lord Shiva said there is such a Vratha which has to be observed on a Friday preceding Sravana Full Moon.   She asked how to observe this Vratha. Lord Shiva narrated a story . In Magadha there was a town called Kundini .  All houses were built with and full of gold.  In the town there was a lady called Charumathi.  She was the most pious lady in the town.  She performed all her duties with devotion and so earned the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi Once Goddess Lakshmi appeared in her dream and said ,  I am Varalakshmi Devi .  Worship Me on the Friday preceding Sravana Pournami.  I will confer all riches and blessings (  Money alone is not wealth ).  There are sixteen blessings that are sought by us human beings.   Goddess Lakshmi in the form of Varalakshmi can give us all the 16 blessings ( Good health, education, money , food, beauty, fame, g

Aadi month kolam designs small rangoli pics

This is a collection of simple rangoli designs for Aadi masam.  It usually falls between July 15 and August 15.  Auspicious occasions like housewarming, weddings are deferred to Tamil month of Aavani.   So we have discount sales offered by many shops  during this period.  However this month is very special for Devi Karumari Amman.  Sunday and Friday ( Gnayiru and Velli ) are most auspicious for the Goddess during this month as also Aadi Pooram ( Pooram is Poorva Phalguni Star ) .   It is in the afternoons that I find time to create kolam , listening to old Tamil songs ( Ilayaraja, MS Viswanathan ) ,  there are several notebooks full of kolangal.   All do not reach my social media accounts like Blogger, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.  Only some of them that I think are good enough are shared.  Later I review the note books again and share a few more from my collection. Even when I share common kolams ,  particularly sikku kolams I try to find the easiest method to draw the designs.