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 This is a collection of simple rangoli designs for Aadi masam.  It usually falls between July 15 and August 15.  Auspicious occasions like housewarming, weddings are deferred to Tamil month of Aavani.   So we have discount sales offered by many shops  during this period.  However this month is very special for Devi Karumari Amman.  Sunday and Friday ( Gnayiru and Velli ) are most auspicious for the Goddess during this month as also Aadi Pooram ( Pooram is Poorva Phalguni Star ) .  

It is in the afternoons that I find time to create kolam , listening to old Tamil songs ( Ilayaraja, MS Viswanathan ) ,  there are several notebooks full of kolangal.  All do not reach my social media accounts like Blogger, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.  Only some of them that I think are good enough are shared.  Later I review the note books again and share a few more from my collection.

Even when I share common kolams ,  particularly sikku kolams I try to find the easiest method to draw the designs. 

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