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Easy rangoli designs - beginners

Though I have drawn all the designs myself personally I am thankful to my family for the inputs, information and help in drafting all the posts so far.  I have used the terms kolam  rangoli quite freely in all the posts. Probably there would have been differences based on classical (!) explanations in the past but today kolams can also be colourful like rangolis both in the free hand and dots type  I find that even the terms rangoli kolam and kolam rangoli are used at  present. The only area where I think kolam are different are in sikku kolam and arisi maavu kolam. Both are beautiful, challenging and can be intricate . Rangoli is muggulu in Telugu and so this post will be useful for those in search of small and simple muggulu for beginners.  This post   may have answers  kutty rangoli / kolam designs The rangoli in the image below is one of the basic designs that can be used for learning.   Form a star with two inverted triangles.    Next draw a set of parallel lines to the lines in

Amazing peacock rangoli designs Diwali

    Awesome peacock rangoli for Deepavali , Sankranthi | Easy method Drawing a free hand peacock in a rangoli is a challenge.  So  I have used the now common technique of mine -  using household objects like CDs , bangles to get some basic shapes. In this rangoli I have used bangles and ice cream sticks ( popsicle sticks )  to get some of the patterns.  The images below should give a step by step explanation for making this design. Place seven glass bangles as shown in the image below. Draw line with rangoli as shown in the next image.  Use shades of blue and green since we are drawing a peacock The next two images show how ice cream sticks - three numbers are used to get the tail.  Place three at inner edges of the pattern and draw outside the sticks and gently remove them. Draw the head and neck of the bird in the gap.  The next photo shows it.  As far as possible I add the position of my hand or fingers to emphasise where the rangoli is progressing.

Flower rangoli designs

Different flower kolam If you came here seeking information on simple flower design kolam ,  easy flower rangoli designs for Diwali , small chukki rangoli you may find some info here. First a creative and innovative flower rangoli.  I have drawn the leaves and branches free hand.  The three flowers are drawn using the following method a) place three bangles and place dots inside the bangles.  Using match stick or cotton bud form different shapes to get different floral petals  6 dots flower rangoli designs Floral designs are one of the most used in rangoli design. Obviously, we are heavily dependent on nature for our rangoli designs. The next important festivals are Holi and Ugadi in 2013.  Holi is a festival of colours celebrating the arrival of spring among other things.   There are also many legends associated with it.  Probably colours are used abundantly during Holi because during spring we see the  colourful flowers blooming every where (It is my opinion or guess!) (Colourfu