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Easy rangoli designs - beginners

kutty rangoli / kolam designs The rangoli in the image below is one of the basic designs that can be used for learning.  Step 1 : Form a star with two inverted triangles. In the second step draw another set of parallel lines to the lines in the star design to get the stage in the top right side of the image.  In the third stage floral petals are added around the star design and finally add another set of petals inside the bigger petals.  If required add colours as shown or leave it plain and white.        Another easy and simple rangoli design using a star shaped pattern at the centre.  The rangoli is shown in two steps.  The final image below and intermediate step in the photo above  Rangoli in the image  on the left is also a basic star design. Again, draw two inverted triangles but in this case  extend the arms from one edge and connect to the other with curved lines as shown.  Draw neat and beautiful curved lines makes the rangoli very attractive though it is a very