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Navratri simple kolam only images

 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4           Day 5                          Day 6 Day 7 or for Navarathri Friday  Day 8  Day 9 for Ayudha Pooja or Saraswathi Pooja I have chosen the kolam for 9 days .  You can choose it in any order according to your preference  For a change instead of step by step pics I have shared only the final completed kolams.  Decorate with kaavi and draw for the golu.  We can keep the designs as simple as possible or we can draw big and complicated designs if we are comfortable with such rangoli .  It is important that we  follow the tradition of celebrating Navarathri with kolu , kolam etc.  so the size of the kolam does not matter.  

Arali poo garland pink oleander flowers

The pictures below show step by step how we can get a beautiful and thick garland using arali flowers. This method gives a beautiful garland .  It gives me immense pleasure offering it to Goddess when I perform Puja.   The first two flowers are tied one above and another below - the usual method of tying .  The next two pictures show how the knot is made In this type of garland , the length of the thread we leave on the left determines the length of the garland After tying the first two flowers, turn.  Then place one flower so that the stalk is parallel and lies on the thread on the left side Thread goes around the stalk and comes to the right side of the flower placed Place the next flower to the right of the previous flower so that the stalk is on the thread  Again the thread goes around the stalk and comes to the right side Continue these steps  After completing the garland tie knots using the left and right ends of the threads to secure all the flowers.

Chukki rangoli 9 to 5 thru images

 Nine chukki rangoli are common , these medium sized rangoli designs can be used for our daily kolam and also for festivals if we are looking for simple and quick kolams. Here it is through step by step pictures More than 80 percent of the designs in this blog are created by me.  Of course we have common rangolis also including gantina rangolis which are common which may be around 20 percent. Whenever I get time I try to create new designs listening to melodious songs that act as a catalyst.  Of the many designs I try only a few make to the blog or YouTube or Facebook.  Rest are not used immediately as I am not satisfied with them.  Sometimes I modify with different sets of patterns. One more set of pics showing step by step procedure for nine to five chukkis design While rangolis themselves are beautiful , we can let our imagination run riot to add patterns , motifs as shown in the pic above.  

Lines muggulu Sankranthi step by step

 Muggulu with lines are quite popular during festivals and for Fridays.  This geethala muggu is shown in a few steps for easy understanding These traditional kolam with lines are beautiful in their own way.  Though they appear simple , they can be challenging because we have to draw 4 parallel lines ( as humanly possible ) .  More the symmetry more the beauty.  It is a good practice to draw thin lines ,  for getting thin lines take minimum quantity of rangoli powder .  This is an important rangoli tip.   These lines are called ezhai .  Ezhai refers to a single strand of a thread.  We can imagine how thin the lines must be then.  The next muggu is also a different type that I created recently.  Here are the steps through pics                                                 Draw the above curved lines in a single stretch .  This will enhance the beauty of the design