Navratri simple kolam only images

I  have chosen the kolam for 9 days .  You can choose it in any order according to your preference 

For a change instead of step by step pics I have shared only the final completed kolams.  Decorate with kaavi and draw for the golu.  We can keep the designs as simple as possible or we can draw big and complicated designs if we are comfortable with such rangoli .  It is important that we  follow the tradition of celebrating Navarathri with kolu , kolam etc.  so the size of the kolam does not matter.  

 Day 1 - Navratri rangoli simple 


Day 2 Rangoli for Navarathri small 

Day 3 of Navarathri kolam for 9 days 


Day 4 pulli illatha kolam

          Day 5   without chukki rangoli                      


Day 6 - birds rangoli 


Day 7 or for Navarathri Friday , small beautiful padi kolam


Day 8  of Navaratri kolangal


Day 9 for Ayudha Pooja or Saraswathi Pooja


I have shared only the white kolam designs except the one above.  We can add kaavi to denote auspicious festival or add simple colour schemes as demonstrated in the muggu above.  

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Small rangoli with dots

9 dots or pulli kolangal