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Chennai to Shirdi by flight

There are many tour packages that are available for pilgrimages to various places by flight , by train and by bus.  For Shirdi there are packages operated by IRCTC.  Though we tried our best the dates did not match so we opted for a private tour package operator. All of them charge between Rs.9500 and Rs.10500 approximately depending upon the flight charges for economy class flights that are slightly variable. Of course we can have our own custom packages but it is always nice to travel with families that are strangers some of who become our friends during the pilgrimage. The packages are usually for Wednesday and Thursday or Saturday and Sunday.  Thursday is very important and holy for Shirdi and Saturday, Sunday are weekends.  So there will be heavy rush . If we want to avoid the crowd we can opt for custom packages on other week days. To add to the week end factor we went on the 1st of January so we can imagine the crowd that would have been present, lakhs and lakhs of pilg

How to make different types of podi

Vatha kuzhambu powder preparation The ingredients required and measurements are as follows Dhania or coriander 3 cups , urad dhal 2 cups ,  gram dhal 2 cups , 1 1/2 cups toor dhal One cup jeera or cumin seeds , one cup milagu or pepper  One tea spoon fenugreek seeds , little rice and 10-15 byadgi chillies All except chillies are to be dry roasted separately because the roasting time is different for each For chillies add a little  oil and roast so that the oil takes care of the hot vapours emanating  Or dhania and urad dhal are roasted separately Then gram dhal and  toor dhal  are roasted  Then cumin seeds , pepper , rice and fenugreek are roasted Finally the chillies are roasted. Allow them  to cool in air Dry grind in a mixer and store in an air tight container. It can also be used as sambar powder Vatha kulambu podi recipe through images Detailed description is given above for vatha kuzhambu podi recipe Now we know how to make vatha kulambu podi  Spices powder  fo